Monday, January 14, 2013

Seriously Good

I was e-mailing my husband this morning...even though he works in our garage, but the garage isn't attached to the house, and it is cold and icy outside.  Usually I text him, but I activated a new to me phone and I am still not sure how to use it. I am getting the hang of it, but e-mail just seemed easier.

All this to say:
I was writing him about the stuff going on in the day, and what we are facing financially(I am the appointed CFO) and the issues with my computer, our cars, and other issues and almost ended the coversation with,
 "why do things have to be so hard?"

But I stopped myself.
Things are complicated, but not hard.
We have running water, that is mostly safe to drink.
We have indoor plumbing, we have food, and we have heat.
We have ways of making an income, even if it is small in comparison to others.
We are surrounded by people that love us, near and far.

We are blessed.

Even when things are hard, even when things are complicated, we are blessed.

I have noticed many people posting good news on FaceBook or other ways, and they end the post with "God is good". This is true, God is good, and we should always take time to thank him for the good things that happen but He is good ALL the time, not just when you feel like you got something good. He is good when you didn't get that job. He is still good when tragedy strikes or things get really bad. He is still good when your world seemingly falls apart and you crumble.
If you are a child of God you are never forsaken, you are always loved, but that doesn't mean things will go magically "your way" and how you imagine things should be. If a child is raised up always receiving exactly what it wants, when it wants it, even if in the big picture it would not be good for the child, the child becomes not only spoiled, but also self-centered. It doesn't have the ability to cope, or serve, or share, or possibly truly love. What growth could happen during these times? What miracles could occur?

I am trying on a new habit...saying "God is good", when the hard stuff happens, when life gets complicated. I know not the reasons for each of the hard seasons, but I know I am loved and everything will be good in the end.

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