Thursday, January 3, 2013

Oh, a Resolution Thingy....

We are always trying to do better, be better, and in general have a better life.
Who in the world would purposefully aim for a worst one?

So waiting until January 1st (or 2nd as some now do) to make changes doesn't work for us. We do look forward at this time to the new year and try to map out some stuff, but we don't sit around WAITING for January first to change things that need changing.

So for those that must have resolutions, here is a list:
1. I plan on breathing, at least once per minute, every minute of the year.
    I may alter this a bit for underwater fun in Summer.
2. I will use the restroom at least once a day. (If you keep the number low, then those days , when you
    drink  A LOT of water, will seem like a big accomplishment).
3. I will continue to drink water. Notice I do not say more. I drink about half my body weight in ounces of I am doing alright. I don't say this to brag, just to keep myself accountable.
4. I will continue to work out with Jillian Michaels (among others) while muttering under my breath.
5. I will continue to turn into my mother. I am not resolving to do this, it's just bound to happen, so if
    it is on some semi-official list, then I can check it off someday. I like checking things as accomplished.

Okay, in all seriousness...

A. I will continue with my weight loss until completed, with my fabulous nutritional products.
B. I will train for a 1/2 marathon, maintaining that I will totally chicken out and do the 10K again instead if my
    knees(or other body parts) show any signs of damage or decay. I do not like pain. It isn't worth it to me to suffer the rest of my life just to mark something off a so-called bucket list
C. Aaron and I are creating a real business plan and marketing for his band.
D. The most important every year...I will strive to know my God better, His word more deeply etched into my heart, thoughts and ways, and make sure we are on His path for our life.

My life isn't perfect.
My life is certainly not the American Dream, by any means, but we love serving a loving God, and we have great joy and many blessings. When we know, that we know, that we know, that we are in His will, everything works out. Even if I have those moments of doubt, or stress , even when I freak out about the future, He has me...He has us.

And from the movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel:
Sonny: "Everything will be all right in the end... if it's not all right then it's not yet the end."

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