Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It Has Begun...

Training for the half marathon started today.
And I am still alive!
I actually ran over half of what I was supposed to do today.
Time to celebrate by telling you this...

It's not only the grace of God, but also the Isagenix.

I won't turn this blog into one big ad for the products that have changed so much in my physical being.
But I did just want to mention it. I don't just sell it for fun...I am sharing it because it really does what it says and I want others to feel this good.

I'd like to post how the training is going and the continued journey to get the last of the extra weight off.
There are so many blogs that do that already. Perhaps once a week check in would suffice.

I am excited that I am not dead.
I ran, and I survived. In fact, I feel good.


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