Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Little Something Like This

The trip to Grandma's house, AKA my parent's home, didn't go over the mountain as planned. It snowed over the pass, so we went "the long way". According to Google Maps it is only about an hour more...but it's a BORING route in comparison to the grand views and spectacular nature of the Sierra Nevada. And while I appreciate the farmers and growers and cattle ranchers of central California, it isn't nearly as spectacular. It's also a bit stinkier. Cows, onions, garlic, and then something fruity that we never quite figured out fill the airwaves with scents.

We were about 30-40 minutes away from my mom's house when we noticed something in the headlight beams. We tried to ignore it, we questioned each other,"Did you see that?"

"Yes, yes I did"

Just a few snowflakes fluttering here and there.
Then it turned to light rain....
and then back again.

My parents live in the shadow of the highest peak in the continental US.
They are at roughly 5,000 feet, although it is desertish, so it does occasionally snow, about what it does where we live, or the next town up the mountain from us. I text my mom regarding snow at the house, she responded she didn't see anything falling. (Yes, my parents are techy, even in their mid-seventies). A few minutes later she responded again, there is indeed some snow falling.

It wasn't sticking and for a while it was very light. The closer we got to here house however, the thicker and heavier it fell. I contacted my sister and her caravan. My brother, brother in law, all of my sister's daughters, a son in law, a baby, and a fiance were all on there way up, delayed by a bad accident in the Riverside area. They would be arriving after us.
"So far it is too warm to stick" read one of my texts...
too bad that was soon untrue. We pulled into mom's and unloaded while my son and daughter twirled in the flurries. We arranged our presents under the tree and grabbed a snack, and set up beds, and well, waited.

On the stretch from my parent's town up to their house my sister's Prius decided it didn't like driving in snow.
Something about the ABS.
Super long story short, everyone made it to the house, eventually, but my hubby had to take my dad's truck and go rescue half the caravan. The car was left in town, chains were put on the truck, and sometime after 2am everyone was finally in the warm house.


We are grateful that my niece's husband was raised in snow country, he had a lot of good information for my husband. Our snow exposure is minimal.

In the morning this was part of the view...taken from the warmth of the house across the deck.

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