Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Tale of Two Squashes

This year I tried to grow something new, acorn squash. I love it very much. The gophers loved them too. The poor little plants tried hard to gorw but that pest would eat their roots and stunt their growth. I tried all I could to help them.
In the end we had a few, very small, squashes to pick.

I bought a couple in the store as well, they looked like giants in comparison. I cooked them for dinner one night, and lo and behold, guess who won?

Not the giant store bought, oh no. The ones we grew were smoothin texture, loaded in buttery flavor and over all just delightful. Even their color was better, signifying to me that perhaps they held more nutrients as well. The store bought were pale, stringy, and lacked flavor.

Next year I am growing even more of these wonderful squashes, and I will protect them from the gophers.

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