Monday, November 12, 2012

Tour de Casas

Yes, my title is in two different languages.

For the remainder of the NABLOPOMO writing I have decided to show all the homes I have lived in...about one a day. Yes, I have that many to show, in fact some days will have more than one. Scary thought. I took most of these photos from Google Maps. I love that nifty map system. The photos will not be of great quality, I apologize, however, it will keep them a little more private for those now living there.

I was born, and I lived here for almost 8 years of my life. It was great! In my mind this house was GINORMOUS. Now that I look at in in photos I am sure it isn't nearly as big as I think. It was a great house for the six of us. It even had a completed basement with a model train layout, pool table, tv area, dark room, sewing area, bathroom and bedroom and a workbench. Pretty cool. I was always terrified of coming up the stairs, most likely because when I reached the middle my siblings would turn off the lights and close the door. Yeah, good times indeed. I had a pet duck in this home, well outside. I once was crawling out of the car and bumped the parking brake and rolled down the driveway and hit that fence. Thankfully I was okay, the wall was repaired from what I can tell. When we lived here the front area was ivy. We used to go to the highest part of that cinder block wall and jump off with sheet "parachutes" and land in the "soft" ivy. It's a wonder we survived childhood...but we did! This house is well over 100 years old now. Still a favorite.

Best features: Wood floors and red ceiling in dining room, room to roam, full basement.

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