Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Tonight, the political barrage stops. And yes, we will be left with the choices of the people, both good and bad. It is what we have done, and will hopefully, prayerfully continue to do, in freedom.

I am thankful my mailbox will no longer be filled with postcards and flyers telling me terrible this guy is and how great that guy is. Those words actually mean very little to me...I want to see them in action. I was very thankful to not have TV signal this go around, when visiting a friend I saw plenty. And the phone calls! My home phone has never rung so often.

And the propositions...my goodness. If they really did what they said with out the hidden agendas and money going places it shouldn't then maybe we could fix a few things around here.

I really hope you took time to vote.

And I am really glad this is now over.

No matter what.

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