Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Big House

Because of the good timing of selling our first home, we were able to have a large down payment for this one.

We moved across town into this brand new house. It was on one acre and had a granny flat as well. We laid that grass you see in the photo and planted the greenery. This home had many wonderful attributes, and some weirdness due to the person who had it built. But it worked for us. The downstairs was 1500 square feet, 3 bedroom 2 bath. The upstairs was, well, slightly defined spaces. Originally designed to be an attic with dormers it developed into an entire upstairs area. It had walls that portioned off, but no doors. The plumbing existed for a bathroom because the builder himself insisted it be put in, but the bathroom was never built per the owner/seller. It was our intent to build that bathroom. The girls each took a space as a bedroom. We had a pool table and library area and a guest room, plus a giant family room. It was wonderful, weird, but wonderful.

Things didn't go as planned here however. We were going to convert the garage on the granny flat into more living space, but because of the recent giants fires no one was available for a simple remodel, they were busy rebuilding entire homes. This meant that the upstairs bathroom was never built and our extended family shared the small granny flat. I asked them to move into the big house, but they refused.

After a year of living here Aaron also felt called, away.  He started working in Arizona not too much later and I stayed and tried to sell the house. Eventually we joined him in AZ while the house stood, elegantly dressed, waiting hopefully for it's next owners to find it.

Although this home would be much to large for just the three of us now, we do still love it. I know the family that eventually bought it had foster kids and plans, and I am sure it is a wonderful place for all of them to live.