Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday 5

As a storm rushes in blowing colorful leaves everywhere, as our future is being reshaped, as we try to make our way through past mistakes and stand on promises from our loving heavenly Father...

1. For a God that does care, and gave us His words to live by so that all may be right with us.
2. For a mighty man of God as my husband, who knows me loves me deeply.
3. For  amazing opportunities to serve others.
4. So thankful for a way to share with others.
5. Thankful to be surrounded by people that have an attitude of gratitude. Negativity is hard to deal with, and crushes the spirit. Praise and honor lift it up.

Speak life into someone.
I am preaching to myself as much as to anyone else.
I get cynical of the world. I get suspicious and I feel like we will never succeed...but then my husband speaks life into the situation. What a difference. Consider your words before you speak, especially when they are telling you their dreams...who knows what is possible?

Make your own thankful list...and post it HERE at My Crowded Kitchen.

We could all use a boost of thankfulness!

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