Thursday, November 22, 2012

TDC: Weekend VIlla?

 Happy Thanksgiving.
We are celebrating the goodness and blessings God has given us. Today is no different than the rest of the year for me in that department. No matter what is going on in life, God is good, and worthy to be praised. I do love Thanksgiving, because it is time to reflect, and share with others, and take pause. Yes, we will eat from the bounty that has been provided for us, and we will share what we have with others. This year around my table I have my husband, my three children, my daughters' boyfriends, and one of their friends. The house smells wonderful, and bellies will be full, and laughter will ensue.
I will not have my parents around the table this year. Because of my dad's chemo therapy they will be unable to make it this year. This makes me sad, as we can not make it to their house either, but we will see them at Christmas, and it will be wonderful.

Now back to the tour:

With Aaron's new position we had a new life change for all of us. We had all lived in suburbs, all our lives, and now it was time for something completely different. Well, not completely, but almost. We moved 45 minutes away, up into the hills above the San Diego area. It is semi rural, but very rural for us. The town had plenty of super markets, restaurants and what not, and we were just "up the hill" from much, much more. About 20 minutes maybe. It was a good transition.
This house was built in 1909 or something like that. It had been the lodge and possibly office to small vacation cabins, now homes or torn down. The wrap around porch was enclosed and was now the kitchen and dining area, and the house had a lot of character. It also had only half of a new roof. The laundry room leaked like a sieve and there was an unusable bathroom back there as well. The one working bathroom had 3 doors, one to the master bedroom, one to the kitchen and then one, which led to the living room, but only after walking through a giant walk in closet area that we used for storage and coats. It was weird. The girls, for the first time in their lives, had separate bedrooms, which was really beneficial for everyone.
This is where I was when the Twin Towers fell.
We bought our first house not too long after that, packed up, and moved.

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Missy Shell said...

Ah yes, Weekend Villa! That was the first place that I watched The Emperor's New Groove!