Wednesday, November 21, 2012

TDC: Holding Up My Own Walls

We made the move into this home.
A week later I was to go on my very first fully paid vacation.
I was laid off that Friday.
Fun times.
Thankfully they gave me a nice severance package, and the temp agency was able to find me jobs.
I worked 3 jobs for awhile to make sure everything was paid.
But the walls weren't shared, and that was good.

And then, that Fall, I started talking to Aaron, long conversations, that went well into the night.
We were married in the Spring. He moved into this home with us.

A year and half later we also added our son to this home. It was tight, but we made it work. God started calling Aaron back into ministry full time, He led us to a position and we packed this home up.

Best features of home: Location, pool, floorplan, All the goodness that happened here.

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Missy Shell said...

This was the first house that you massaged me in. I remember that I went out to eat with friends afterwards, and I couldn't cross my legs because they were slippery from the massage oil!