Friday, November 23, 2012

TDC: First Purchase

We plunged into home ownership. I know it doesn't look like much, just an oversized garage. But behind that garage was a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house. When we left this home the ugly brown office carpeting in the kitchen, dining room and entry had been replaced with pergo-like flooring, the cabinets refaced and beautiful and we had added on one more bedroom and a small other area.  The previous owner had a magnificent garden plot in the backyard, complete with gopher fencing underground and netting to keep the birds out. It was also planted when we moved in, and we enjoyed broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce and gave away the bell peppers.(So very allergic). I really enjoyed living in this home. We lived here for over two years. We only sought to move when Aaron felt like we should have a home big enough for his mom, sister and our young niece to live with us too. We placed this home on the market and started looking. It sold quickly. And we moved, again.

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