Sunday, November 18, 2012

TDC: Collecting Myself

Having my marriage end was painful, and left me with two 2 year olds and not a lot of choices.
I moved in with my parents.

Except, a month or so later they moved, and we went with them.

The house is at the top of this driveway on the right.All you can see in the triangle point above the one story home on the street.  It looked kinda like the one on the get the idea.
This house was very large and it was a good place for safety and healing. The girls turned 3, started preschool, I found a job and I restarted school, but midway through the next fall semester suddenly felt immense pressure...not from my classes, and not from within my home. I just felt like I HAD TO GO RIGHT NOW.
I did something so not like me, I quit those classes and arranged for my friend Aaron from APU days to help me move to San Diego, but that's tomorrow's house...and it wasn't long before we figured out why...

Best features: New house, large, room for everyone, fabulous kitchen

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