Friday, November 16, 2012

TDC :Buns in the Oven

My next stop on the Tour De Casas involves some life choices that I am not proud of, nor want to talk about at length here. I have done a lot of forgiving, including forgiving myself.  I got married, and pregnant, with twins no less, and moved into this condo with my husband, his mom, and eventually both his adult brothers.
It was a beautifully decorated 3 bedroom, and although not a large space, it was designed well. I was put on bed rest and lived in the bedroom, not fun.  Since the brothers weren't going anywhere and the birth of 2 more little lives was on the horizon  we eventually moved into this apartment....

Which actually didn't look this good when we lived there. We had the 2nd floor apartment on the right end. So that window was the master bedroom and the rest of our rooms and windows over looked where the truck is sitting and into those windows of the apartment annex. Funny story...while still on bedrest I was in the living room, laying down on our foam futon sofa, which was opened, so I was very low to the ground. It was probably December, and a rainy day. I sat up a little to look at the sky right as a completely naked man opened the drapes in the apartment across the alley and looked at the sky as well. He didn't see me because of how low I was sitting, but I gasped and laughed as one might when suddenly seeing a naked an apartment that usually only had 2 young women room mates. I will never forget it.

The twins were born, and we lived here until they were around 18 months old. The day we were loading up the moving trucks was the first time they ever wrote on the walls....fantastic.

Best features: Condo- Smart space design.
Best Features apartment: Around the corner from my sister and her family, end unit was a good choice.

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