Saturday, November 17, 2012

TDC: Big Move

San Diego is an expensive place to live.
Due to circumstances we decided to move to the Sacramento area, and my then husband was going to take over the "family  business".
For a month we lived in small house across the street from a great park, the only problem was that the house was owned by friends of the family, and the former occupant was their mother who was just moved into long term the house was filled with her items. Breakable collectables, lace doilies and all. This was a really hard place to be with 2 active toddlers. Even though the rent was almost non-existent  we found our own place.

We moved into this halfplex. It was roomy and really worked for us.  I still like this unit. The other half would be really great for my family now if we lived in that area. 

We weren't here long before the end of that marriage, and another move.
Best features: Large rooms, connected garage, open feel, own backyard for girls to play in.

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