Monday, November 26, 2012

Still Dry Hea(v)ting

It's no secret to anyone that I did not enjoy my time in Arizona. I tried to make the best of it while I was there, but I never felt settled, and I missed greenery and trees, and water...and going outside during summertime without my eyeballs melting. But more importantly than all of that was the fact that some really bad circumstances took place there, and we were slammed around a bit. I will not give specifics. Just know this. prejudice still exists as does  church politics, and in a long string of events it showed it's ugly head.

We bought this house. By far the ugliest on the outside, but the inside floor plan worked so well for us. It really did. It had a living room and a family room, that could be closed off, a wonderful feature for our family at that time. It had a pool and 3 bathrooms, both extra treats for us. We did some upgrading to it, slowly, as we did to all of the homes we owned. We closed escrow, moved in, and expected our first full time paycheck all in the same week. Only, the check was part time, and they said they couldn't have him full time yet, maybe in a few months. We scraped by with the promise of better. And just when we thought it was going to get better, it didn't. Aaron led worship for other churches for a time while he looked for a new job. Eventually he was hired in California, up near Sacramento this time.We put the house on the market and he left to go work while we stayed behind. Only, the housing market crashed in Arizona right that very minute.

We were separated for much too long in both our opinions. I know people do it all the time, especially military families. My hats off to them. We decided to keep the house on the market, have someone live in it for a time and join my hubby.

We eventually had room mate "renters" in that home. This did not end well. Blackened carpets, broken plate glass windows and sliding glass doors... and an attitude of optional rent paying. We had friends trying very hard to help us with the situation, but to little avail.

Tomorrow I will show you the house in a town with a name that also sounded like a disease to us...which should have been an indicator to us...

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