Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Life Getting More Pleasant

Happy 800th post to me! Moving on.....

We moved about an hour away, into the foothills towards Lake Tahoe, into another family's home. At first it was just Aaron, and then, when my dad was recovering Spencer and I joined him. It was arranged to be with this other family for 6 weeks. The church had Aaron play on Sundays and paid him a bit so we would have something as we searched for what to do next. In the mean time I started making phone calls knowing that we would miss our first mortgage payment soon on the Arizona house. We were battered and bruised from betrayal and stinky circumstances. I sat in that first service in this new place and was overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit in the room. I cried, and could not really stop. And let me just take a moment here to explain something....I was not a crier. Period. A few weeks later was my birthday. A few ladies took me out. It felt odd, but was nice of them to try to reach out to this broken, angry, person all torn up and turning inward. I like having a plan, I like knowing the path we are headed on. No such information existed. But each Sunday I sat in services and cried. Something started breaking off, slowly, but surely. One day a few women took me to the International House Of Prayer, to worship and hear a speaker. While we were worshiping I heard God. It was clear as a bell..."Sing to me". I did, and I haven't stopped since. Amazing things have happened while worshiping through song. Nearing the last weeks we were to be there it was clear...I sat, crying AGAIN saying "Why would we leave this place, I have never felt God like this before". Never had we been so embraced, so loved on, and so prayed for for our healing process. We asked permission from our hosts to stay in their home a little longer to save up and get a place of our own. Aaron by this time was touring with Juan Gabriel. He was working hard to learn an entire concerts' worth  of background vocals, all in Spanish. He started traveling and earning more money.

After a few more weeks (6?) we moved into this little gem. It's darling, yellow, cute...and SMALL. Two bedrooms, one bath, 900 square feet. We squeezed in, utilizing the under the house storage area and one car garage. Aaron set up his studio in the garage as well, unless it was super cold out, then he was in the entry hallway of the home. Cozy is a perfect description.

While we lived here eventually Alyssa moved back in, and then Jenelle too, and then Alyssa moved back out. Five people in this home was hard, but it worked. One day we had 15 musicians and on lookers for a jam session in the living room. We had visitors, and overnight guests, we just shuffled people around and made everyone as comfortable as possible. We were near the fairgrounds and center of town. The apartment building next door unfortunately had many people come and go, with bad relationships, yelling and drug use. It was sad and we often were fearful for people's lives over there. I spent time praying for them at the window that over looked the building(with the blinds closed, I wasn't a creeper).

We stayed here for two years, and then we got a great deal on a much larger rental, just as Alyssa was moving back home again.

Best features: Yard for Spencer, architectural features, nice landlord, location.

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