Thursday, November 29, 2012

Here and Now

I was working at the church office when a phone call came in from a couple in our town looking for renters. The price was a hundred more than we were paying currently, but it was nearly twice the amount of space, and knowing Alyssa was moving back home soon, well, twice as much space seemed like a good idea. We arranged to come out and look at the house. I walked in and immediately knew, this was home. Great flooring, a living room that closed off for noise control, granite counter tops, oh yeah.

We walked around, they pointed out all the fruit trees. By now I had learned how to can so I saw the potential in the yard. It had a basketball hoop, and most importantly, 2 offices in the garage, for a studio.

We were at the appointment for over an hour because we had so much in common with the landlords. Both love basketball, they are on their churches worship team too, etc. 

Problem was, the rent was higher. So we told them we would pray about it. We did. I got an unsettled feeling about the energy bills and called her back to inquire what she though they might be. It was higher that we could go, I politely explained this and said goodbye. About an hour later she called back and offered us the house for a reduced rent. It was meant to be. We've been here three years now.

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