Sunday, November 4, 2012

Food Friendship Fun

This weekend had some particularly rough edges, but they were smoothed out by good friends, good music, 2 really dead on good sermons, wonderful food, and amazing friends. Through several diffrent events and circumstances we were fed friendship along with that good food. We were counseled, prayed for, lifted up, and in general had a really good time. We are so blessed to be surrounded by people with a deep capacity to love and share. Generous hearts with wisdom and a good sense of humor.

We have some major changes coming depending on what happens in the next 11 days.

We aren't trying to limit God's miracle time...but we have to have some sort of defined plan. If He changes it, we will be flexible. If He speaks to us, we will listen. If this is as right as it feels, He will simple allow it to proceed as planned and that will be that.

Don't forget, or avoid to vote.
It does matter.
Yes, your one vote matters.

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