Sunday, November 25, 2012

But It's a Dry Heat

The day we moved to Arizona it was 120 degrees, and I am not exaggerating.
We moved into a parsonage house. You can kinda of see it to the right. This is on a 10 acre parcel, with a church building slightly smaller than the house, a small parking lot and a basketball court. Boyscouts used this area for their meetings, the church met on Sundays, and in exchange for living here Aaron led their service once a month, and we were at the big sister church the rest of the month. He was no longer the head person, now he was a music director underneath a Music pastor and friend. This home had been altered inside. One giant room greeted you as you walked in with the kitchen nearby. It had been used for other churches for a time. It still had 3 distinct bedroom and 2 bathrooms, and another added on room off the master bedroom that we used for Spencer's room and a small area for a little sofa and tv. You could ride bikes in the big area. We divided it up with bookcases and placed the furniture to make an office area, a living room, and a dinning room. It still had lots of room to run around. Unfortunately it was also infested with mice. I had migraines 3-4 times a week while we lived here. If these 2 factors had been different we wouldn't have moved out of this house. But they did exist, and so we did.

Across the street from this home was this.

They were building the new stadium that eventually had a SuperBowl in it.It was fascinating to watch, and they built mostly at night due to the heat.

We stayed here until the big house finally sold. It was a stressful time.

But God brought us someone to buy our other house. During this time we watched housing prices climb and thought we better buy a house now before it's higher. We checked with Aaron's current job to make sure he was going to actually be brought on as full time staff, they said yes, and bought a house...

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