Sunday, November 11, 2012


We were given the honor of joining an art tour in Auburn yesterday. We met several artists, saw some amazing work and enjoyed time remembering how much we appreciate beauty. The above piece is a fountain made of metal and a geo-sphere by a delightful woman named Deanna Marsh. You can't tell from the photo but it has bronze tones and is about five feet across. She does amazing glass and tapestry work as well. Her husband is a musician, and her kids are creative like ours. We had a wonderful time not only viewing her work but getting to know her, her methods and process and she had wonderful ideas on how to help me get back to art, as well as information for our son.

I just wanted to tell you, there are wonderful people in the world, take a chance and get to know someone new. Our time was well invested. Our lives were enriched, and I hope hers will be too. I hope this isn't our last time to talk with her, but even if it was, it was time well spent.

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