Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bonus Post Thankful Thursday

Since today is Thursday, and I want to remember to be thankful....always thankful. We may not have all that we want, we may not be in the best place financially, but we are so blessed!

So thankful for...
1. God's abundance.
2. Amazing women that He has placed in my life.
3. Second  chances, and third, and fourth...and a millionth
4. My daughter is coming home from college for a week of fun.
5. The power of the Holy SPirit and prayer.
Don't know what that's about?...ask me.

In a season of mass consumerism I am thankful for what we have, content with what we have been given, blessed with true friendships and generous souls around us. I look forward to the time we get to fellowship together, enjoy laughter and yes, good food and celebrate God's goodness to us, followed by the birth of His only son next month.

I am also thankful for My Crowded Kitchen, run by my good friend Tiffany! She is hosting a thankful write a blog about what you are thankful for and link up! Meet some new friends, and check out her site, it's full of funny family stories and LOTS of amazing food.

The leaf painting was masterfully painted by my precious long time friend Alyse O.

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