Friday, November 9, 2012

Baby, It's Cold Outside

The weather has changed dramatically this week. The winds blew in an amazingly cols storm. It's snowing up the hill from us a tad. I am very thankful our landlords blew in extra insulation this year. We can feel the difference already, especially in the morning, and it isn't nearly as cold as it will be in another month or so.

Which has me thinking ahead to when we buy a house. I will certainly be checking out the insulation and acting accordingly. This new layer is saving us some serious money by cutting down the time it takes to heat or cool the house, and in the retention of said heating or cooling.

Other things I am looking for: natural light, trees for shade during summer, a place to garden, space to enlarge the home in the future if it is very small, and of course our basic bedroom/bathroom needs and such. None of this matters as of yet because we can't even get close to making an offer. Seems someone is already one step ahead of us swooping up the deals.

I know our house is out there.

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