Friday, November 30, 2012


This is my 801st post. It took me awhile, I am not speedy McSpeedster in the blog writing world. I know some of you probably hit 800 long ago in your 2nd year of writing, and that's okay. I am okay with slow and steady wins the race. Which, if that's true I'd like to know what I won and when I should be expecting it to arrive. My goodness, how exciting, a major award. I wonder if it's Italian.

So onto more important things. This is the final day of November, which means the final day of NABLOPOMO. WHEW! I made it. Sometimes barely making it in before it was too late.  It was a full and busy month, visitors, holidays, school productions (tonight and tomorrow) major decisions and change a brewin'.
I am so thankful to have a small handful of people to share it with. Thank you for reading my ramblings as I find my voice again.

I expected, and was hopeful that by today's post I could announce the next home. But, sadly, it didn't happen. We didn't find a house to buy...yet. God's timing is perfect, and perhaps our home just isn't ready for us.

Bring on December, I'm ready!

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