Friday, November 30, 2012


This is my 801st post. It took me awhile, I am not speedy McSpeedster in the blog writing world. I know some of you probably hit 800 long ago in your 2nd year of writing, and that's okay. I am okay with slow and steady wins the race. Which, if that's true I'd like to know what I won and when I should be expecting it to arrive. My goodness, how exciting, a major award. I wonder if it's Italian.

So onto more important things. This is the final day of November, which means the final day of NABLOPOMO. WHEW! I made it. Sometimes barely making it in before it was too late.  It was a full and busy month, visitors, holidays, school productions (tonight and tomorrow) major decisions and change a brewin'.
I am so thankful to have a small handful of people to share it with. Thank you for reading my ramblings as I find my voice again.

I expected, and was hopeful that by today's post I could announce the next home. But, sadly, it didn't happen. We didn't find a house to buy...yet. God's timing is perfect, and perhaps our home just isn't ready for us.

Bring on December, I'm ready!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Here and Now

I was working at the church office when a phone call came in from a couple in our town looking for renters. The price was a hundred more than we were paying currently, but it was nearly twice the amount of space, and knowing Alyssa was moving back home soon, well, twice as much space seemed like a good idea. We arranged to come out and look at the house. I walked in and immediately knew, this was home. Great flooring, a living room that closed off for noise control, granite counter tops, oh yeah.

We walked around, they pointed out all the fruit trees. By now I had learned how to can so I saw the potential in the yard. It had a basketball hoop, and most importantly, 2 offices in the garage, for a studio.

We were at the appointment for over an hour because we had so much in common with the landlords. Both love basketball, they are on their churches worship team too, etc. 

Problem was, the rent was higher. So we told them we would pray about it. We did. I got an unsettled feeling about the energy bills and called her back to inquire what she though they might be. It was higher that we could go, I politely explained this and said goodbye. About an hour later she called back and offered us the house for a reduced rent. It was meant to be. We've been here three years now.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Life Getting More Pleasant

Happy 800th post to me! Moving on.....

We moved about an hour away, into the foothills towards Lake Tahoe, into another family's home. At first it was just Aaron, and then, when my dad was recovering Spencer and I joined him. It was arranged to be with this other family for 6 weeks. The church had Aaron play on Sundays and paid him a bit so we would have something as we searched for what to do next. In the mean time I started making phone calls knowing that we would miss our first mortgage payment soon on the Arizona house. We were battered and bruised from betrayal and stinky circumstances. I sat in that first service in this new place and was overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit in the room. I cried, and could not really stop. And let me just take a moment here to explain something....I was not a crier. Period. A few weeks later was my birthday. A few ladies took me out. It felt odd, but was nice of them to try to reach out to this broken, angry, person all torn up and turning inward. I like having a plan, I like knowing the path we are headed on. No such information existed. But each Sunday I sat in services and cried. Something started breaking off, slowly, but surely. One day a few women took me to the International House Of Prayer, to worship and hear a speaker. While we were worshiping I heard God. It was clear as a bell..."Sing to me". I did, and I haven't stopped since. Amazing things have happened while worshiping through song. Nearing the last weeks we were to be there it was clear...I sat, crying AGAIN saying "Why would we leave this place, I have never felt God like this before". Never had we been so embraced, so loved on, and so prayed for for our healing process. We asked permission from our hosts to stay in their home a little longer to save up and get a place of our own. Aaron by this time was touring with Juan Gabriel. He was working hard to learn an entire concerts' worth  of background vocals, all in Spanish. He started traveling and earning more money.

After a few more weeks (6?) we moved into this little gem. It's darling, yellow, cute...and SMALL. Two bedrooms, one bath, 900 square feet. We squeezed in, utilizing the under the house storage area and one car garage. Aaron set up his studio in the garage as well, unless it was super cold out, then he was in the entry hallway of the home. Cozy is a perfect description.

While we lived here eventually Alyssa moved back in, and then Jenelle too, and then Alyssa moved back out. Five people in this home was hard, but it worked. One day we had 15 musicians and on lookers for a jam session in the living room. We had visitors, and overnight guests, we just shuffled people around and made everyone as comfortable as possible. We were near the fairgrounds and center of town. The apartment building next door unfortunately had many people come and go, with bad relationships, yelling and drug use. It was sad and we often were fearful for people's lives over there. I spent time praying for them at the window that over looked the building(with the blinds closed, I wasn't a creeper).

We stayed here for two years, and then we got a great deal on a much larger rental, just as Alyssa was moving back home again.

Best features: Yard for Spencer, architectural features, nice landlord, location.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


We moved to a smallish town south of Sacramento. We plugged into our new church and met some amazing people. We rented this house, there was a possibility of buying it eventually if our house in Arizona would sell. Four bedrooms, large open floor plane, and amazing flooring. They invested in some fabulous tile from Italy. It really was beautiful, but it also was super hard and anything dropped shattered into millions of sharp slivers. Funny thing about this photo from google maps....those are our cars, even though this was 6 years ago...also, it warped the roof line. Odd.

We lived here about a year, sometimes paying both rent and our full mortgage since our renters were not stellar about paying rent. Eventually things didn't work out here either. We still love many people from this place, so that's all I will say.

The ending to living here was very traumatic.
Although we paid for a full month, the landlord told us in order to break the lease we'd have to get out in 10 days. We threw out, sold, or donated about 1/2 of our belongings and put the rest in storage. We didn't have a plan, and because of the double house payments we didn't have the means to just find somewhere else.

I am being transparent here. This was a very painful time. I felt abandoned by God, rejected by people and churches, and now we were about to be homeless. Both my daughters, now graduated from high school, chose to go to San Diego. That was painful. My dad suddenly needed open heart surgery, so Aaron finished packing and moving stuff to storage and I headed to see my dad.
Now God has a way of working things out for the good. But at the time it didn't feel like that.
Aaron had a phone conversation with a worship leader about an hour away. She said there was a family in their church willing to let us stay in their guest room while we figured things out. So we made that plan.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Still Dry Hea(v)ting

It's no secret to anyone that I did not enjoy my time in Arizona. I tried to make the best of it while I was there, but I never felt settled, and I missed greenery and trees, and water...and going outside during summertime without my eyeballs melting. But more importantly than all of that was the fact that some really bad circumstances took place there, and we were slammed around a bit. I will not give specifics. Just know this. prejudice still exists as does  church politics, and in a long string of events it showed it's ugly head.

We bought this house. By far the ugliest on the outside, but the inside floor plan worked so well for us. It really did. It had a living room and a family room, that could be closed off, a wonderful feature for our family at that time. It had a pool and 3 bathrooms, both extra treats for us. We did some upgrading to it, slowly, as we did to all of the homes we owned. We closed escrow, moved in, and expected our first full time paycheck all in the same week. Only, the check was part time, and they said they couldn't have him full time yet, maybe in a few months. We scraped by with the promise of better. And just when we thought it was going to get better, it didn't. Aaron led worship for other churches for a time while he looked for a new job. Eventually he was hired in California, up near Sacramento this time.We put the house on the market and he left to go work while we stayed behind. Only, the housing market crashed in Arizona right that very minute.

We were separated for much too long in both our opinions. I know people do it all the time, especially military families. My hats off to them. We decided to keep the house on the market, have someone live in it for a time and join my hubby.

We eventually had room mate "renters" in that home. This did not end well. Blackened carpets, broken plate glass windows and sliding glass doors... and an attitude of optional rent paying. We had friends trying very hard to help us with the situation, but to little avail.

Tomorrow I will show you the house in a town with a name that also sounded like a disease to us...which should have been an indicator to us...

Sunday, November 25, 2012

But It's a Dry Heat

The day we moved to Arizona it was 120 degrees, and I am not exaggerating.
We moved into a parsonage house. You can kinda of see it to the right. This is on a 10 acre parcel, with a church building slightly smaller than the house, a small parking lot and a basketball court. Boyscouts used this area for their meetings, the church met on Sundays, and in exchange for living here Aaron led their service once a month, and we were at the big sister church the rest of the month. He was no longer the head person, now he was a music director underneath a Music pastor and friend. This home had been altered inside. One giant room greeted you as you walked in with the kitchen nearby. It had been used for other churches for a time. It still had 3 distinct bedroom and 2 bathrooms, and another added on room off the master bedroom that we used for Spencer's room and a small area for a little sofa and tv. You could ride bikes in the big area. We divided it up with bookcases and placed the furniture to make an office area, a living room, and a dinning room. It still had lots of room to run around. Unfortunately it was also infested with mice. I had migraines 3-4 times a week while we lived here. If these 2 factors had been different we wouldn't have moved out of this house. But they did exist, and so we did.

Across the street from this home was this.

They were building the new stadium that eventually had a SuperBowl in it.It was fascinating to watch, and they built mostly at night due to the heat.

We stayed here until the big house finally sold. It was a stressful time.

But God brought us someone to buy our other house. During this time we watched housing prices climb and thought we better buy a house now before it's higher. We checked with Aaron's current job to make sure he was going to actually be brought on as full time staff, they said yes, and bought a house...

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Big House

Because of the good timing of selling our first home, we were able to have a large down payment for this one.

We moved across town into this brand new house. It was on one acre and had a granny flat as well. We laid that grass you see in the photo and planted the greenery. This home had many wonderful attributes, and some weirdness due to the person who had it built. But it worked for us. The downstairs was 1500 square feet, 3 bedroom 2 bath. The upstairs was, well, slightly defined spaces. Originally designed to be an attic with dormers it developed into an entire upstairs area. It had walls that portioned off, but no doors. The plumbing existed for a bathroom because the builder himself insisted it be put in, but the bathroom was never built per the owner/seller. It was our intent to build that bathroom. The girls each took a space as a bedroom. We had a pool table and library area and a guest room, plus a giant family room. It was wonderful, weird, but wonderful.

Things didn't go as planned here however. We were going to convert the garage on the granny flat into more living space, but because of the recent giants fires no one was available for a simple remodel, they were busy rebuilding entire homes. This meant that the upstairs bathroom was never built and our extended family shared the small granny flat. I asked them to move into the big house, but they refused.

After a year of living here Aaron also felt called, away.  He started working in Arizona not too much later and I stayed and tried to sell the house. Eventually we joined him in AZ while the house stood, elegantly dressed, waiting hopefully for it's next owners to find it.

Although this home would be much to large for just the three of us now, we do still love it. I know the family that eventually bought it had foster kids and plans, and I am sure it is a wonderful place for all of them to live.

Friday, November 23, 2012

TDC: First Purchase

We plunged into home ownership. I know it doesn't look like much, just an oversized garage. But behind that garage was a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house. When we left this home the ugly brown office carpeting in the kitchen, dining room and entry had been replaced with pergo-like flooring, the cabinets refaced and beautiful and we had added on one more bedroom and a small other area.  The previous owner had a magnificent garden plot in the backyard, complete with gopher fencing underground and netting to keep the birds out. It was also planted when we moved in, and we enjoyed broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce and gave away the bell peppers.(So very allergic). I really enjoyed living in this home. We lived here for over two years. We only sought to move when Aaron felt like we should have a home big enough for his mom, sister and our young niece to live with us too. We placed this home on the market and started looking. It sold quickly. And we moved, again.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

TDC: Weekend VIlla?

 Happy Thanksgiving.
We are celebrating the goodness and blessings God has given us. Today is no different than the rest of the year for me in that department. No matter what is going on in life, God is good, and worthy to be praised. I do love Thanksgiving, because it is time to reflect, and share with others, and take pause. Yes, we will eat from the bounty that has been provided for us, and we will share what we have with others. This year around my table I have my husband, my three children, my daughters' boyfriends, and one of their friends. The house smells wonderful, and bellies will be full, and laughter will ensue.
I will not have my parents around the table this year. Because of my dad's chemo therapy they will be unable to make it this year. This makes me sad, as we can not make it to their house either, but we will see them at Christmas, and it will be wonderful.

Now back to the tour:

With Aaron's new position we had a new life change for all of us. We had all lived in suburbs, all our lives, and now it was time for something completely different. Well, not completely, but almost. We moved 45 minutes away, up into the hills above the San Diego area. It is semi rural, but very rural for us. The town had plenty of super markets, restaurants and what not, and we were just "up the hill" from much, much more. About 20 minutes maybe. It was a good transition.
This house was built in 1909 or something like that. It had been the lodge and possibly office to small vacation cabins, now homes or torn down. The wrap around porch was enclosed and was now the kitchen and dining area, and the house had a lot of character. It also had only half of a new roof. The laundry room leaked like a sieve and there was an unusable bathroom back there as well. The one working bathroom had 3 doors, one to the master bedroom, one to the kitchen and then one, which led to the living room, but only after walking through a giant walk in closet area that we used for storage and coats. It was weird. The girls, for the first time in their lives, had separate bedrooms, which was really beneficial for everyone.
This is where I was when the Twin Towers fell.
We bought our first house not too long after that, packed up, and moved.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

TDC: Holding Up My Own Walls

We made the move into this home.
A week later I was to go on my very first fully paid vacation.
I was laid off that Friday.
Fun times.
Thankfully they gave me a nice severance package, and the temp agency was able to find me jobs.
I worked 3 jobs for awhile to make sure everything was paid.
But the walls weren't shared, and that was good.

And then, that Fall, I started talking to Aaron, long conversations, that went well into the night.
We were married in the Spring. He moved into this home with us.

A year and half later we also added our son to this home. It was tight, but we made it work. God started calling Aaron back into ministry full time, He led us to a position and we packed this home up.

Best features of home: Location, pool, floorplan, All the goodness that happened here.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

TDC My Own Space

I moved back down to San Diego and into the neighborhood where I had spent most of my childhood. It was soothing to me, my same church, familiar stores and faces. My girls attended the same elementary school that I did. I lived in this very large apartment complex. I got a good job, I work for a long time as a temp first, and then they hired me on and things were going well.
The apartment was on the small side, and I hated sharing walls and the ceiling, so we decided to move up the street into an area of detached town homes.
(Michelle, you should recognize tomorrow's for sure)

Best features: Laundry in apartment itself, pool, no 70's colors.

Monday, November 19, 2012

TDC: Ha Ha Herman

This is the house I moved into due to the unknown pressure I was feeling  in my parents home. We moved in, the girls turned four and then, about a week later I woke up around 4:30am to my bed rocking back and forth, it was an earthquake. A big one. But  it wasn't centered where I lived, it was very close to my parents' house about 3 hours north of me. The pressure I felt was from the earth, and I believe divine intervention led me to leave in time. My parents themselves were not hurt. They lost many items in their home and there was damage that had to be repaired. The aftershocks came for weeks and weeks. It really rattled my mom. I remember as a child, in the very first home, being downstairs during the big Pasadena quake. I am thankful my girls and I weren't up near Northridge for this one.
During the year I lived in this home I attended massage therapy school while working in an industrial bakery, hand crafting giant cinnamon rolls for your enjoyment. We returned to my parents home, where I again went back to school, finishing at The Master's College nearby and the girls attended Kindergarten and 1st grade. I'd see Aaron from time to time as his band played in a nearby establishment.
I also believe it was divine guidance to go back and live with them. My dad was traveling a lot for his job and while gone one time my mom became very ill. She remained ill for a long time. I was there to help. Her illness is currently in remission, but it was really scary at the time.

My mom got better, I finished college, and it was time, once again, to move and live on my own.

Best features: built in bookcases, floorplan

Sunday, November 18, 2012

TDC: Collecting Myself

Having my marriage end was painful, and left me with two 2 year olds and not a lot of choices.
I moved in with my parents.

Except, a month or so later they moved, and we went with them.

The house is at the top of this driveway on the right.All you can see in the triangle point above the one story home on the street.  It looked kinda like the one on the get the idea.
This house was very large and it was a good place for safety and healing. The girls turned 3, started preschool, I found a job and I restarted school, but midway through the next fall semester suddenly felt immense pressure...not from my classes, and not from within my home. I just felt like I HAD TO GO RIGHT NOW.
I did something so not like me, I quit those classes and arranged for my friend Aaron from APU days to help me move to San Diego, but that's tomorrow's house...and it wasn't long before we figured out why...

Best features: New house, large, room for everyone, fabulous kitchen

Saturday, November 17, 2012

TDC: Big Move

San Diego is an expensive place to live.
Due to circumstances we decided to move to the Sacramento area, and my then husband was going to take over the "family  business".
For a month we lived in small house across the street from a great park, the only problem was that the house was owned by friends of the family, and the former occupant was their mother who was just moved into long term the house was filled with her items. Breakable collectables, lace doilies and all. This was a really hard place to be with 2 active toddlers. Even though the rent was almost non-existent  we found our own place.

We moved into this halfplex. It was roomy and really worked for us.  I still like this unit. The other half would be really great for my family now if we lived in that area. 

We weren't here long before the end of that marriage, and another move.
Best features: Large rooms, connected garage, open feel, own backyard for girls to play in.

Friday, November 16, 2012

TDC :Buns in the Oven

My next stop on the Tour De Casas involves some life choices that I am not proud of, nor want to talk about at length here. I have done a lot of forgiving, including forgiving myself.  I got married, and pregnant, with twins no less, and moved into this condo with my husband, his mom, and eventually both his adult brothers.
It was a beautifully decorated 3 bedroom, and although not a large space, it was designed well. I was put on bed rest and lived in the bedroom, not fun.  Since the brothers weren't going anywhere and the birth of 2 more little lives was on the horizon  we eventually moved into this apartment....

Which actually didn't look this good when we lived there. We had the 2nd floor apartment on the right end. So that window was the master bedroom and the rest of our rooms and windows over looked where the truck is sitting and into those windows of the apartment annex. Funny story...while still on bedrest I was in the living room, laying down on our foam futon sofa, which was opened, so I was very low to the ground. It was probably December, and a rainy day. I sat up a little to look at the sky right as a completely naked man opened the drapes in the apartment across the alley and looked at the sky as well. He didn't see me because of how low I was sitting, but I gasped and laughed as one might when suddenly seeing a naked an apartment that usually only had 2 young women room mates. I will never forget it.

The twins were born, and we lived here until they were around 18 months old. The day we were loading up the moving trucks was the first time they ever wrote on the walls....fantastic.

Best features: Condo- Smart space design.
Best Features apartment: Around the corner from my sister and her family, end unit was a good choice.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bonus Post Thankful Thursday

Since today is Thursday, and I want to remember to be thankful....always thankful. We may not have all that we want, we may not be in the best place financially, but we are so blessed!

So thankful for...
1. God's abundance.
2. Amazing women that He has placed in my life.
3. Second  chances, and third, and fourth...and a millionth
4. My daughter is coming home from college for a week of fun.
5. The power of the Holy SPirit and prayer.
Don't know what that's about?...ask me.

In a season of mass consumerism I am thankful for what we have, content with what we have been given, blessed with true friendships and generous souls around us. I look forward to the time we get to fellowship together, enjoy laughter and yes, good food and celebrate God's goodness to us, followed by the birth of His only son next month.

I am also thankful for My Crowded Kitchen, run by my good friend Tiffany! She is hosting a thankful write a blog about what you are thankful for and link up! Meet some new friends, and check out her site, it's full of funny family stories and LOTS of amazing food.

The leaf painting was masterfully painted by my precious long time friend Alyse O.

College Shuffle

This post covers 3 years of moving back and forth between school, camp work, and home at my parents.
When I started college I lived on campus in the freshman dorms.
There are many good things about this, there were also bad things. I think the good outweighs the bad.
I can not get a photo of the dorms. I don't even know if they still exist. So here is a random building from APU that I remember from when I was there.

I lived on campus, and then I went to work here for the summer:

It was near Lake Arrowhead, in the pine trees, and I loved it.

Back to APU for another year.

Then to my parent's house for a year at a Cal State Fullerton. I studied graphic design, now considered old school style.
Best features: cool covered back porch, fabulous back yard. Fruit trees.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Taste of Freedom

My dad took that teaching position at APU, but I wasn't done with high school yet, so they moved near the college and I moved up the street into this house with family friends. It was a good learning experience, and I hope I didn't stress anyone out.I had a car, a boyfriend, a job and schoolwork plus school productions as well as youth group events, I was busy. Within the home I had my own room and a bathroom, a set of responsibilities and suddenly foods my mom never bought for us.  I finished school, broke up with my boyfriend but stayed until it was time to start college, because I had a job and I needed my wisdom teeth out. It was a fun summer (ouch).

Best feature: Jan, jacuzzi

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TDC San Diego

We moved to San Diego shortly before I turned eight. This house and neighborhood was a sharp contrast to the only other home I had ever known. It was only a few years old, decorated in trendy 1973 textiles and colors, and it had a pool. It was a very different experience. Due to many circumstances we went from a family of 6 to just 4 at first in this home, another major change. We also switched from tradition school schedule to a year round one. Crazy world. Sometime later we added on to make the living room and dining room a little bigger and a decorator was hired. My mom chose a very 1980's palette, sea foam green and peach. It was very lovely. I lived in this house until I was was in 12th grade. My dad took on a teaching position at Azusa Pacific, so a move was about to happen.

Now at least  one of the two of you is now thinking. "Wait,...this is only day 2 of the Tour de Casas but she is already almost out of high school?" It's true. I have moved a ridiculous amount of times in my adult life, and I wasn't in or married to the military.

Best features: Pool, conversation pit.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Tour de Casas

Yes, my title is in two different languages.

For the remainder of the NABLOPOMO writing I have decided to show all the homes I have lived in...about one a day. Yes, I have that many to show, in fact some days will have more than one. Scary thought. I took most of these photos from Google Maps. I love that nifty map system. The photos will not be of great quality, I apologize, however, it will keep them a little more private for those now living there.

I was born, and I lived here for almost 8 years of my life. It was great! In my mind this house was GINORMOUS. Now that I look at in in photos I am sure it isn't nearly as big as I think. It was a great house for the six of us. It even had a completed basement with a model train layout, pool table, tv area, dark room, sewing area, bathroom and bedroom and a workbench. Pretty cool. I was always terrified of coming up the stairs, most likely because when I reached the middle my siblings would turn off the lights and close the door. Yeah, good times indeed. I had a pet duck in this home, well outside. I once was crawling out of the car and bumped the parking brake and rolled down the driveway and hit that fence. Thankfully I was okay, the wall was repaired from what I can tell. When we lived here the front area was ivy. We used to go to the highest part of that cinder block wall and jump off with sheet "parachutes" and land in the "soft" ivy. It's a wonder we survived childhood...but we did! This house is well over 100 years old now. Still a favorite.

Best features: Wood floors and red ceiling in dining room, room to roam, full basement.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


We were given the honor of joining an art tour in Auburn yesterday. We met several artists, saw some amazing work and enjoyed time remembering how much we appreciate beauty. The above piece is a fountain made of metal and a geo-sphere by a delightful woman named Deanna Marsh. You can't tell from the photo but it has bronze tones and is about five feet across. She does amazing glass and tapestry work as well. Her husband is a musician, and her kids are creative like ours. We had a wonderful time not only viewing her work but getting to know her, her methods and process and she had wonderful ideas on how to help me get back to art, as well as information for our son.

I just wanted to tell you, there are wonderful people in the world, take a chance and get to know someone new. Our time was well invested. Our lives were enriched, and I hope hers will be too. I hope this isn't our last time to talk with her, but even if it was, it was time well spent.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


We watch The Star of Bethlehem last night. It is a documentary style presentation of research regarding the star that appeared and led the Magi to Jesus.

It rocked our world.

It's pretty cool and I fully suggest watching it.

This is his website with more info.

And apparently they are making another film.

We are not random, this world didn't just randomly come into being. There is a grand master plan, and more importantly and grand master creator. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Baby, It's Cold Outside

The weather has changed dramatically this week. The winds blew in an amazingly cols storm. It's snowing up the hill from us a tad. I am very thankful our landlords blew in extra insulation this year. We can feel the difference already, especially in the morning, and it isn't nearly as cold as it will be in another month or so.

Which has me thinking ahead to when we buy a house. I will certainly be checking out the insulation and acting accordingly. This new layer is saving us some serious money by cutting down the time it takes to heat or cool the house, and in the retention of said heating or cooling.

Other things I am looking for: natural light, trees for shade during summer, a place to garden, space to enlarge the home in the future if it is very small, and of course our basic bedroom/bathroom needs and such. None of this matters as of yet because we can't even get close to making an offer. Seems someone is already one step ahead of us swooping up the deals.

I know our house is out there.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday 5

As a storm rushes in blowing colorful leaves everywhere, as our future is being reshaped, as we try to make our way through past mistakes and stand on promises from our loving heavenly Father...

1. For a God that does care, and gave us His words to live by so that all may be right with us.
2. For a mighty man of God as my husband, who knows me loves me deeply.
3. For  amazing opportunities to serve others.
4. So thankful for a way to share with others.
5. Thankful to be surrounded by people that have an attitude of gratitude. Negativity is hard to deal with, and crushes the spirit. Praise and honor lift it up.

Speak life into someone.
I am preaching to myself as much as to anyone else.
I get cynical of the world. I get suspicious and I feel like we will never succeed...but then my husband speaks life into the situation. What a difference. Consider your words before you speak, especially when they are telling you their dreams...who knows what is possible?

Make your own thankful list...and post it HERE at My Crowded Kitchen.

We could all use a boost of thankfulness!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

When I Don't Know What To Say...

I am trying to not be consummed by choices my husband and I need to make very soon. We are trusting for God's perfect plan to be revealed to us, and know which path to take. There is a lot of work in front of us either way. Sometimes I just don't know what to do next at all, and I don't want to speak of much of it to others, it is not like we are picking carpet colors or what car to buy next. With each thing that is happening around us I find myself simply lifting my hands. Sometimes it is in surrender, sometimes in frustration.

Tommy Walker has a great song regarding those times when you don't know what to say, or what to says "I'll lift my hands, I'll speak your praise".

In essence, instead of trying to figure it all out alone, I will turn to you God and let you help me.

It's hard to ask for help, I think it's harder to accept it.

Or is that just me?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Tonight, the political barrage stops. And yes, we will be left with the choices of the people, both good and bad. It is what we have done, and will hopefully, prayerfully continue to do, in freedom.

I am thankful my mailbox will no longer be filled with postcards and flyers telling me terrible this guy is and how great that guy is. Those words actually mean very little to me...I want to see them in action. I was very thankful to not have TV signal this go around, when visiting a friend I saw plenty. And the phone calls! My home phone has never rung so often.

And the goodness. If they really did what they said with out the hidden agendas and money going places it shouldn't then maybe we could fix a few things around here.

I really hope you took time to vote.

And I am really glad this is now over.

No matter what.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Trading Milk for a Tan??

While running and errand today I glanced up and saw an ad in a store front window claiming that their tanning beds give you more Vitamin D than milk.

I would rather drink the milk.

And I can not believe that this would be the selling point that would get people in the door to fake and bake.

Weird world.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Food Friendship Fun

This weekend had some particularly rough edges, but they were smoothed out by good friends, good music, 2 really dead on good sermons, wonderful food, and amazing friends. Through several diffrent events and circumstances we were fed friendship along with that good food. We were counseled, prayed for, lifted up, and in general had a really good time. We are so blessed to be surrounded by people with a deep capacity to love and share. Generous hearts with wisdom and a good sense of humor.

We have some major changes coming depending on what happens in the next 11 days.

We aren't trying to limit God's miracle time...but we have to have some sort of defined plan. If He changes it, we will be flexible. If He speaks to us, we will listen. If this is as right as it feels, He will simple allow it to proceed as planned and that will be that.

Don't forget, or avoid to vote.
It does matter.
Yes, your one vote matters.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Off I Go

So yeah...we changed our clocks back, so technically this is still November 3rd for me.

And today was both hard and oh so good.
I have hard stuff to sort out and deal with, but God has shown me His love through friends and gentle reminders of what the right response might be.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Finally Friday

I don't know about you, but sometimes I am really relieved at the end of a week, and I am not always sure why. My work isn't M-F, so I am not done. Saturday and Sunday hold busyness as well. And we are adding basketball back into the mix, so it's not like it's a "free day" or anything. Maybe it's just the act of getting through sometimes, knowing that I survived another week! 

Not really sure.

In other news I am canning apple pie filling. When I mentioned this to the checker at the store the other day he stopped, practically drooled and said, "That's gotta be the best idea ever, sounds delicious". He made me laugh, but he is right, opening up a jar of ready home made apply goodness is a wonderful idea indeed.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday, and NABLOPOMO

It's that time of year, again, to join in and write a blog post every day. Well, technically it's post a blog post every day...but whatever. Here's to getting back into the swing of writing! And here's to THANKFULNESS, which is of course what I try to convey around here on a regular basis.

An attitude of gratitude is a wonderful thing.

So I am starting off this month (OH MY, IT'S ALREADY NOVEMBER, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?) with a short list of the things I am thankful for in my life:

1. My family. All of them. Through the good the bad the ugly and the crazy, here we are.
2. My friends. I have some really amazing friends. They support me when I lose it, they cheer for me when I have success, it's really wonderful.
3. Success this year in weight loss. My husband made goal(lost over 60!), I still have a far way to go, but I still lost what I did (over 50 pounds!) and I will dust my self off and finish.
4. My church family. Strong believers, full of joy and wisdom. I like being part of the truth our pastor teaches, and the acts our church lives out for the poor and needy. We walk the walk. We aren't perfect, no one is, no place is...but I am thankful to say people acknowledge their imperfections and actually work on changing.
5. I am thankful that the election season is almost over. Tired of the mailings, the ads, the dirtiness of it all.

So here's to a great November!
"A thankful heart is a happy heart
I'm glad for what I have, that's an easy way to start"
Thank you Veggie Tales.

One of my amazing friends, Tiffany from My Crowded Kitchen is hosting a thankful party every Thursday this month. Make and list and join in, or just visit to see what others have said...