Tuesday, October 30, 2012

On The Drive There.

Our house hunt is frustrating.
I didn't expect to just find one the first week or anything. I especially didn't expect to be in escrow or anything crazy like that yet. But, the realization that we may NEVER find a house at this price is sinking in.

Let me explain. No, it's too much.
Let me sum up.

It's a low price range, so there are only three kinds of houses at this range....one's that need help, "TLC", fixer uppers...which our loan prohibits,  ones that are too far away for our current life, and good deals.

Good deals are swooped up in a heartbeat,often with cash in hand, leaving no chance for us.
For example, I found one on line in the MLS to look at. It had everything we needed from what we could tell from the description and photos. It was a little bit far away but we were willing to look at it, because it had everything we needed, we called our agent, we set a time to go see it that very day....and it was sold as we drove out to it. We received a text from our real estate agent saying "never mind". A verbal agreement was made while the owner was flying to go see a Packards game...and she was going to sign the papers in the airport. Ouch.

Our best bet is to find someone that wants to sell their property BEFORE they place it on sale. But again, it has to be in good shape and "cheap".

Here's where faith comes in, and I am struggling with it.
On the one hand, if God want's us to stay here, then this will happen, and it will be in His timing, and it will be worth the wait and it will be a blessing.

On the same hand but the other side we did indeed pray that if we aren't going to stay here long, if it isn't His plan for us to stay, that we do not find a house, because we don't want to be trapped with a house if we have to move away...just like before. It was painful. It was terrible.We survived, but we are wiser now.
But that side of that hand is frustrating.

I'd rather just know His will and plan in that direction instead of it being a guessing game.
Isn't that true of every situation?
We would rather just know...but that leaves no room for trust and faith.

I will stand on the promise that "He knows the plans for me, plans to prosper me, plans to give me a future and a hope." Jeremiah 39:11

Here's to hope.

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