Monday, October 29, 2012

Magnificent Monday

Long ago, when I first started homeschooling my girls through a Christian organization, I was given a required reading assignment. It was a little book about blessings. Not one about how to receive them, but how to give them instead. It spoke of speaking out a blessing as family members leave the home for the day and other such things. I do not recall the name or author of the book, but it's concepts have stuck with me.

I started this practice years ago, and while I am by no means perfect, and I don't always remember, and I am not always in a good mood to say blessings, I have taken note that it makes a difference. I have blessed my daughter on the way to work with specifics,"May you have a good day at work and get a perfect sale". And she did. Not because I am magically, but because our God loves. But even when things don't get answered to blatantly it still can change the attitude, or environment of those you send out with a blessing. Words of encouragement can do that.

I noticed recently while traveling that many people do not do this. Not even "Have a good day honey". It's so simple, it such a simple, easy, and quick way to show love. So I started saying it to those I was with,"Have a great day at school", "Have a peaceful day at work, may your efforts be noticed". At first they looked at me kinda funny, but then they started saying thank you.

Speak in love and with positive attributes for the person. Speak of what would make a "good day". Sometimes I speak of who they can be, even if they are scared or don't believe in themselves.
Try it. Even if it's hard, even for a difficult person.Keep at it. It will make a difference, not only in them, but in you.

May you be blessed with a productive day, health, and a simple yet happy moment today!

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