Thursday, October 18, 2012

Knocked To My Knees

I was whining to God about something.
Not just today, but ALL WEEK LONG.

I have been a bit of a brat I might say.
We all have those (un)glorious moments, right?
I am so very thankful for all I have, but I got to looking at what others have, and well, tantrum.
It was dumb really.

Thankfully my heavenly Father is so very kind, and gentle.
He would send me reminders of His love, word of wisdom from others, or from the blogs I read, or devotional time.
I am struggling feeling like the unwanted step kid.

I head know I am loved, that I am adopted into His wonderful family, but my heart feels like I am tolerated, not embraced, and that I don't quite make it. I am not quite okay.

Such a dangerous place to be.
The enemy isn't called the king of lies for nothing. He slithers into my head, wags his tongue at my ear...and feeds me lies based on my past pain and experiences.
And sometimes I swallow them down.
Sometimes I recognize it for what it is, AND SPIT IT OUT.
I was having a hard time spitting this week, and much to easy of a time swallowing.

Then I read this.

Worth the read.

I know it slapped me back to reality, and I don't mean in a "it could be worse, you could have this happen" kind of way. It's this beautiful man's attitude regarding God.

I repent of feeling unloved, and I am praising Him for all He is, and ever shall be.

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