Friday, October 19, 2012

It's A Process

We have sorta been pre-approved for a home loan.

I say this with uncertainty in my voice, and a fuzzy feeling in my because I am suddenly having a heck of a time with seasonal allergies, a cold apparently,but also because I didn't expect this to happen for another couple of years.

We have a sorted past.

One filled with pain and shame. Sorta.
I don't feel like telling it all right now, it is truly an epic tale, perhaps in November.

ALl I have to say is this.
It will take a miracle.

The amount we are approved for isn't much.
There are limitations, as in, it can't have any "issues".

This combination leads to near impossibility (all things are possible through Christ, right?)
and competition because this level of home goes quickly.

All I know is this...IF we can find a house, we can cut our housing expenses nearly in half. NEARLY HALF.
That means we could pay off our student loans, finally.
AND it also means we could breathe a little bit easier each month. And that sounds nice.

Pray for us.
We will need it.
Thank you.

Here's to expecting great things....

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