Saturday, October 6, 2012

Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

The temperatures have finally dropped! I am so happy. I love all seasons, but we were really ready for the cool weather to come back. I actually had the opportunity to wear my Uggs last night. It was like a hug from a long lost friend.

Fall also means the start of the gain weight season, oops, I mean the holiday season.

Things I am going to do to avoid gaining weight, and actually lose weight this year:

1. Stay on my nutritional products. They help curb all those cravings and keep me satisfied.
2. Return to doing the 30 Day Shred workout. I say return because I didn't have it in San Diego, and now I hurt my back, so I have to wait for that to settle down. I will start with walking on the treadmill asap.
3.Not celebrate the SEASON...but try , very hard, to celebrate the DAY. For some reason in our minds it becomes a food free for all starting soon and not ending until January 2nd. I say a weekly seasonal treat, and then the actual holiday itself is enough. That way you can enjoy the special foods of the season, without an extra 5-20 pounds when you are done. I need to be super careful about sugary treats because they set off a sugar addiction, that is no fun and makes me feel tired. Sugar is also in inflammatory in your system, and inflammation is the cause of so many terrible things. Consider that while you ponder your options. There are many fabulous tasting seasonal foods that are good for you, sometimes it is just the preparation that makes it dangerous (sweet potato/yam sugar bomb for example).
4. Get support. A spouse, a friend, a coach. Grab someone and tell them, "I need help to stay on track". Tell them a phrase to use that will help you, and what would not make you so upset that you rebel against them. The goal is to stay friends, but help each other. For me this includes prayer. Nothing is as powerful.
5. Remember the goal. You might have a photo of you at goal weight on the fridge, or the mirror or near the scale. I have a dream board made like a collage from magazines. It is full of healthy food options, inspirational quotes and a silluette that makes sense for my body. I don't have an image of a 5'11", size 0 model. That's not going to happen, which leads me to number...
6. Be realistic, optimistic, and love yourself. I was given the genetics I was given. I haven't taken the best care of those genes, so I will improve upon that. I won't, however, beat myself up for not looking the way society thinks all women should look. Even most models will complain about something on themselves, and everything gets airbrushed and fixed. This is a personal journey, don't compare yourself.  Goals are good but if you put an unrealistic time limit or number on the scale, it will only lead to trouble for yourself.  I could have been a lot farther down the scale, but I made choices that took me off that path. I can face that. My body has now had time to adjust to being over 50 pounds lighter and I can look forward to finishing, I still have a long way to go. Perhaps, because I did it this way and not straight through, I will be mentally ready for the outcome. I have never been that small as an adult. I need to be ready for it. Perhaps by taking this break my skin has had more time to adjust as well. We know what skin looks like after it has been stretched out and then released....not the prettiest thing to look at. Perhaps I needed to look at my coping mechanisms and fix a few things...which I have been working on. Weight returns because the eating patterns remain. There is still work to be done as each layer is removed. I am able to face that now.

I am ready to face the holidays and not gain weight!
Are you?

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