Saturday, September 1, 2012

Things Unspoken

So, my blog has been suffering a bit lately.
Sure, I could say it's the back to school frenzy (it was pretty calm around here) or the big recording concert (went well, wasn't as involved as in past years), or canning/preserving the harvest (which I have been doing and I am now avoiding by writing this post) but that's not really why.

Been reading a lot lately, and pondering, and learning...but not sharing, yet.

Here is a little of what I haven't been talking about:

We have had an expensive summer with unforeseen repair bills and other expenses, it's frustrating.Just when we get to a better position, it's demolished.
My dad started Chemo therapy last week.
And now he might have had a heart attack and is in the hospital, far away.

I actually think that's enough to share right now.
I have a couple posts for next week on the other subjects so forward on my mind.

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