Thursday, September 6, 2012

The New No-No's

Long ago, while I was working three jobs as a single mom, I had to wear latex gloves for work. Thankfully this particular job was a once a week gig because my hands would flare up into red balls of anger that would not be soothed. A few years later, married and expecting a baby, I was sent to be tested for a latex sensitivity, so they would know what to do during birth. This was before most hospitals became latex free zones (or mostly latex free). The testing showed "dermal sensitivity",, yes, isn't that what I said? Red balls of anger?
Anyway....long story short, I have discovered in the last few years certain allergies, that turns out are related to said "dermal sensitivity". Bananas were discovered about 2 years ago, followed by avocado (sad face).
Over this same period of time, perhaps longer, I have become more and more sensitive to spicy foods, salsa being the main issue.

Turns out, after a mouth full of blisters finally woke me up, I am allergic to tomatoes too. And not just tomatoes, but the nightshade family, including hot peppers. I have been allergic to bell peppers forever, since childhood. Now all it's cousins have joined in.

I am not amused.
I don't know what to cook, or frankly, how to eat, without tomatoes.

I am sticking out my (blistered) tongue at my garden right now FULL of tomatoes, eggplant, chili peppers and jalapenos....well phooey.

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Heidi said...

Oh, that just stinks! I can't imagine life without tomatoes :(