Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Other Things Previously Not Spoken.

A lot of things have come to my attention recently. Here are some of them. I am developing a plan for my own family for safe, real foods. Doing what we can to preserve what we grow ourselves and buy high quality whenever we can. We are not wealthy in any way, but we are willing to make changes that matter. Plus, making many foods yourself is cheaper, and better for you anyway....
 This is a VERY LONG article, but it has so much information regarding the benefits of enzymes in your food, but more importantly is looks at the rising problems with Gluten sensitivity , when it started and the timeline of events that may have lead to the sudden explosion of people with gluten issues. Worth reading.It discusses the changes in not only our wheat, it's production and care, but also the yeasts used as well.

The FDA says we have no actual rights to choose what we eat, or don't eat...they have the right to choose for us. It doesn't matter what your belief is regarding raw cow's milk ...read what the FDA pointed out in the response. It has the right to choose for us, we have no rights.

GMO labeling in California...this is a great post regarding it...if you are a Californian please educate yourself regarding this Prop and more importantly the issues surrounding consuming GMO foods. Soy and corn and the highest GMO crops, and they are in nearly all processed foods. Even if you are not in California, this is good information, as what happens here will help create change other places.

We don't always know what's in our food.
This is the official FDA statement about GRAS "Generally Regarded As Safe"
Here is an article of why and how this is a problem.
SO a company can just decide something is GRAS...and even if filed it takes awhile for anyone to look into it. I am not for over regulation...but on the flip side if I choose to eat a processed food item I want to know EVERYTHING that I am about to consume. If there is red dye from the wing of  beetle I'd like to know that, even if it has been deemed safe to eat.

Foods Cancer Loves...I learned some interesting things about why certain food is bad. I appreciate the scientific information instead of just saying "sugar is bad".

Tomorrow links to information regarding the drought in our country, how it is affecting our farmlands, farmers, and our future.

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