Sunday, September 30, 2012


Someone turned 12.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


My trip down south was actually a really good one. My dad was happy to see me, and thankfully it didn't give him another heart attack when I walked into the room, since my sister didn't tell him I was coming...just said she was going to the store instead of the airport. Kinda funny.
I drove my parents to doctor appointments, I was in the hospital supporting my mom during the procedures for my dad. I drove them out to Yuma to visit my other sister, and tried to be helpful and supportive. I especially enjoyed my time with my sister and meeting my great nephew R. He is a cutie pie! Love that baby! It was nice to get to know his dad as well, since they have lived in Colorado until recently I never really got a chance to hang out with him.
I also had an opportunity to hangout with some dear friends. One was visiting SD from Reno. I gt to see her more often than our friends down here, but it was a delight to hang out with all of them together again. I miss my tight group of buddies. She rented a beach house complete with water toys. I learned, shakily, how to use a paddle board. I could get hooked to that easily. I had the opportunity to work in one of my fields while down there, much to many people's delight. :)

I also had the honor to witness a marriage proposal. Long time boyfriend D proposed to my niece K, at Disneyland, and we were a surprise being there. It was great. A truly wonderful moment. During said trip we rode splash mountain, and I was SOAKED. And yes, I hear you saying, "It's called Splash Mountain for a reason". I did not just merely get splashed. I looked like a fell in, someone actually asked that! After the ride my family wanted to go in some little store by the exit, and I wondered over to the other side of where you would buy your photo of you yourself screaming as you look over the edge of the giant drop, so I could stand in the sun. I stood there, shoes off, dripping onto the ground creating a little river of water...and people walking by would talk to me or about me. One dad saying to his whining son, "See, it could be worse, you could be wet like her". One woman, dripping like me, commented that she knew how I felt. A family came up next to me waiting for their photo and that's when I heard it, clear as day....Jack Black's voice.
I opened my eyes and looked over at the family. Lovely wife, 2 cute kids, and a dad....with the right shape and hair, turned away from me. He spoke again. I knew it had to be him. Then he turned around. Yep. I couldn't snap a picture, and I didn't speak to him because some guy ran up and said a lame movie line and forced him to shake his hand. Jack was gracious, but then started looking around and became uncomfortable. I chose to leave him alone. He was just a husband and a father right then, taking his family to Disneyland.

I have been so blessed to share in these fun moments and wonderful friendships in the middle of some hard to face stuff. I am so very thankful to my heavenly Papa for giving me moments of joy, and sheer fun, and adventure throughout my life, even when life itself is so uncertain and roller coastery. 

I am trying to always look for the good. Always seek the positive, seek the glory, and be grateful.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Sew Buttons On Your Underwear

The title has nothing to do with this post.
My life is so weird right now I just needed to spread it around.

My dad started chemo therapy, and about a week later, had a small heart attack.
Yep, so that was exciting. Due to the change of circumstances (he could no longer drive himself places, my mom doesn't drive really anymore, and my sister was stressing out over a plethora of other stuff going on in her life...) I was flown down to San Diego for 2 1/2 weeks to help out. He had stents placed in his coronary artery. The blood clot that caused the event was most likely from chemo drugs, therefore a whole new plan was created. He won't start the new stuff until next month, and he is home "resting" letting his heart heal before he re-starts. Except I now got word that he has 7 stitches in his hand due to a run in with his band saw, because my dad doesn't really know how to take it easy. He has stuff that needs to get get done.

I take after him.

And I don't, all at the same time.

Me too.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The New No-No's

Long ago, while I was working three jobs as a single mom, I had to wear latex gloves for work. Thankfully this particular job was a once a week gig because my hands would flare up into red balls of anger that would not be soothed. A few years later, married and expecting a baby, I was sent to be tested for a latex sensitivity, so they would know what to do during birth. This was before most hospitals became latex free zones (or mostly latex free). The testing showed "dermal sensitivity",, yes, isn't that what I said? Red balls of anger?
Anyway....long story short, I have discovered in the last few years certain allergies, that turns out are related to said "dermal sensitivity". Bananas were discovered about 2 years ago, followed by avocado (sad face).
Over this same period of time, perhaps longer, I have become more and more sensitive to spicy foods, salsa being the main issue.

Turns out, after a mouth full of blisters finally woke me up, I am allergic to tomatoes too. And not just tomatoes, but the nightshade family, including hot peppers. I have been allergic to bell peppers forever, since childhood. Now all it's cousins have joined in.

I am not amused.
I don't know what to cook, or frankly, how to eat, without tomatoes.

I am sticking out my (blistered) tongue at my garden right now FULL of tomatoes, eggplant, chili peppers and jalapenos....well phooey.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Of Faith, Farmers, Rain, and our Future

A story of faith, and things to come. This farmers wife has amazing faith, as does her husband. Her story isn't just their own, or just an area, this is playing out across America.
Think some stranger's farm crop problems won't affect you?
Think again.
We are all in this together.

I am not a panicked soul that is waving a sign and yelling on the street corner to prepare for doom...however, be aware of what's going on. Be aware of what may come and make some plans. Get a kit together for your family. Even the emergency agencies put in place by the government say you should have 3 days worth of clean water, food and supplies.

Food prices will go up.
That's just the way it works.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Other Things Previously Not Spoken.

A lot of things have come to my attention recently. Here are some of them. I am developing a plan for my own family for safe, real foods. Doing what we can to preserve what we grow ourselves and buy high quality whenever we can. We are not wealthy in any way, but we are willing to make changes that matter. Plus, making many foods yourself is cheaper, and better for you anyway....
 This is a VERY LONG article, but it has so much information regarding the benefits of enzymes in your food, but more importantly is looks at the rising problems with Gluten sensitivity , when it started and the timeline of events that may have lead to the sudden explosion of people with gluten issues. Worth reading.It discusses the changes in not only our wheat, it's production and care, but also the yeasts used as well.

The FDA says we have no actual rights to choose what we eat, or don't eat...they have the right to choose for us. It doesn't matter what your belief is regarding raw cow's milk what the FDA pointed out in the response. It has the right to choose for us, we have no rights.

GMO labeling in California...this is a great post regarding it...if you are a Californian please educate yourself regarding this Prop and more importantly the issues surrounding consuming GMO foods. Soy and corn and the highest GMO crops, and they are in nearly all processed foods. Even if you are not in California, this is good information, as what happens here will help create change other places.

We don't always know what's in our food.
This is the official FDA statement about GRAS "Generally Regarded As Safe"
Here is an article of why and how this is a problem.
SO a company can just decide something is GRAS...and even if filed it takes awhile for anyone to look into it. I am not for over regulation...but on the flip side if I choose to eat a processed food item I want to know EVERYTHING that I am about to consume. If there is red dye from the wing of  beetle I'd like to know that, even if it has been deemed safe to eat.

Foods Cancer Loves...I learned some interesting things about why certain food is bad. I appreciate the scientific information instead of just saying "sugar is bad".

Tomorrow links to information regarding the drought in our country, how it is affecting our farmlands, farmers, and our future.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Things Unspoken

So, my blog has been suffering a bit lately.
Sure, I could say it's the back to school frenzy (it was pretty calm around here) or the big recording concert (went well, wasn't as involved as in past years), or canning/preserving the harvest (which I have been doing and I am now avoiding by writing this post) but that's not really why.

Been reading a lot lately, and pondering, and learning...but not sharing, yet.

Here is a little of what I haven't been talking about:

We have had an expensive summer with unforeseen repair bills and other expenses, it's frustrating.Just when we get to a better position, it's demolished.
My dad started Chemo therapy last week.
And now he might have had a heart attack and is in the hospital, far away.

I actually think that's enough to share right now.
I have a couple posts for next week on the other subjects so forward on my mind.