Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stirred, Not Shaken

Well, maybe a little shaken.
But I will get better.

God is at work, on me.
I told a friend I feel stirred up. But not JUST stirred up, I feel like I am in a giant Kitchen-Aid mixer with the paddle...I feel a little battered.
The pun at the time was not intended, but take it for what you will, I laughed.
Things are getting riled up and I have some house cleaning to do, literally and figuratively.
I have a house guest coming, so the literally has to happen for the rest, considering what I feel like, and knowing I could feel oh so much better, I am addressing cleaning up the inside asap as well.

What does this look like?

I called in back up, I called in a mentor to help me examine what's coming up to the surface.
My  coping mechanisms aren't working, because it's time to get rid of them.
I will have a Sozo, or healing prayer, session. It's a peaceful way to sort out some stuff and get rid of the lies. We all believe lies, from our past. Lies get in the way of the beautiful truth. Truth will set you free.Not self-actualization truth, God's truth.
I will dive into the word, and spend more time with my heavenly Dad.

And it will all be okay.
Whatever is ahead, whatever is coming...God is preparing me, and I will face it boldly with Him.

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