Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tron It Up

My son attended a birthday party yesterday. A normal birthday party. In a park...a public park, not a theme park. With cinnamon rolls and orange juice and fresh fruit (in was in the morning, before the summer heat set in).

This family is very creative and the birthday boy wanted something Tron themed. The mom didn't go out and buy everything Tron...they created it instead. And I don't mean Martha S style. She found appropriate plates and napkins that had a design element to them that was "Tronish"...but the best part of the party was the games. Her sons brainstormed and then created discs like in the movie. Each boy had a holder clipped onto their backs and the flying discs fit right on them, like the movie. They created the disc with paper plates, scissors, glue and paint. They used string at first so you could retrieve the disc, but later cut them off for farther distance throwing.

They had a blast!
 The clip doesn't show up in this photo because it was painted black as well.

There was a blue team and a red team and a white trimmed disc was sought after.
Spencer had a great time, as did all the boys.
It doesn't take a lot of money to create a great birthday party.

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