Monday, July 9, 2012

And Then, It Was Over

This is the post where I am supposed to tell you how wonderful my visit to Idaho was. I am supposed to blog about our adventurs and post lots of great photos (despite the fact that all I have is a stinky cell phone camera). Here is where I will write funny stories of the kids and things they said and did.

Fact is, all of those things are true, it was fun and wonderful, and just what we needed, and the kids got along even better than in years past. We ate amazing food, we worked out hard at the gym and took walks, and enjoyed the company of our friends...

and I miss them terribly.

I am home, doing laundry, cleaning stuff up, getting back to work...back full force into the throws of our normal. I miss having my friend right there, to talk, to laugh, to share life's normal stuff. I miss the almost 4 year old's hands "braving" (braiding, a loose term for twisting) my hair and randomly giving me hugs. I miss the chaos of all the boys making up games and flying through the kitchen in search of food...always in search of food, it's amazing.

I miss my friend.

It was nice to be able to just be together.

I wish I could have stayed longer. I really do. There are things I wanted to share with her, and things we could have done. Time flew by so fast!

I AM SO THANKFUL however, for this visit.
I look forward to the next.

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