Saturday, June 30, 2012

Six on Saturday

1. Had a great shared meal with Aaron's band mates and families.
2. Spencer returned from camp. I missed that kid. I am happy he got to go, and happy I had time alone with my husband, but he is great kid. 
3. Apricot tree exploded into ripeness . Spent many hours preparing, drying and canning them, oh, ...and eating them too.
4. Ate a few too many tiny pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting home made by my friend Nancy. They were amazing.
5. Upped the exercise this week. It was time, but also, I ate those cupcakes, and I am heading off to vacation this coming week, so I need to get ready!
6. Packing and getting ready for visiting...THIS WOMAN and her amazing family. A break and a much needed visit with really great friends is exactly what we need. Her food is amazing, so we plan to walk everyday. I might walk twice a day....

Have a great weekend!

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