Friday, June 1, 2012

Equal Time

One of the best things I ever learned at a woman's retreat was the practice :
Pray about something MORE than you talk about it.

It's wise premise, and amazingly better for everyone involved. Instead or rehashing something over and over, you simply turn it over to God instead.

Now, I am building a business, and I have a very specific and time sensitive goal I am trying to achieve. It would mean a financial bonus and extra earnings for my family. It would come at a very important time to have a little financial boost. It may even help us fix the A/C in our one working car...and here comes summer....fel the pressure, see the importance?

The problem is, the more I tried, the more things fell apart. The more I strived the farther away the goal got!
I was so frustrated, and I called out to God, "You know we need this financial help, don't you want me to succeed?"

He answered...
"Give me the same amount of time that you are giving this"
 I answered, "Okay"...with slight hesitation.
To be so lavish with my time to God would take so much time away from the business, which I have been coached to do X amount of work to make this goal happen.
 But I said "Okay", just the same.

God gave me another project to work on, one for Him. I will talk about it when it's near completion, but it isn't about being done, it's about the journey. My journey with Him.

So I gave Him my time today, and I snuggled up, and I took steps on that journey, and guess business grew in the mean time. I am farther towards my goal, and it wasn't from me striving. It was because of God's goodness and love.

Thank you Father for such a blessing as this.

Even if I don't make the goal in time, I know He has us covered. I know He will provide. All will be taken care of.

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