Saturday, June 9, 2012

6 on Saturday...

Been a weird week, I am using my friend Tiffany's idea of "5 on Friday" ...
So 6 things that happened in our world this week:

1. Moved my daughter up to Chico, where she will now start a different phase of life, and attend Chico State to finish her degrees in 3D animation and art history.

2. Had some important break throughs with God about what is truly important, and what I should be doing with my time.

3. Had major attacks from the enemy because I started making changes from #2.

4. Won a pamper party for me and a few friends at Origins.

5. Considered changing some of my hair to pink. Went with red instead...less damage.

6. Spencer grew. As did my veggie plants.

And there you have it.
How was your week?

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Carrot Choo Choo said...

5 on Friday

1. My partner lost his phone on a train and asked the train company to look for it and they found it! (it fell out of his pocket)

2. went for a buffet lunch today with my parents, ate for 1.5hrs

3. sent an email to two people that i've held a grudge against for a while (just testing waters)

4. upgraded my aged care certificate 3 from online to print

5. skipped new bible study because i turned my phone on half an hour before it started and then received the reminder. Miscommunication anyway- does it start 7.30pm as it says in the pamphlet or 8pm? What if I'm bored? Or am disappointed? Or have passion that goes nowhere?