Saturday, June 30, 2012

Six on Saturday

1. Had a great shared meal with Aaron's band mates and families.
2. Spencer returned from camp. I missed that kid. I am happy he got to go, and happy I had time alone with my husband, but he is great kid. 
3. Apricot tree exploded into ripeness . Spent many hours preparing, drying and canning them, oh, ...and eating them too.
4. Ate a few too many tiny pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting home made by my friend Nancy. They were amazing.
5. Upped the exercise this week. It was time, but also, I ate those cupcakes, and I am heading off to vacation this coming week, so I need to get ready!
6. Packing and getting ready for visiting...THIS WOMAN and her amazing family. A break and a much needed visit with really great friends is exactly what we need. Her food is amazing, so we plan to walk everyday. I might walk twice a day....

Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 29, 2012


There is a deer that is wondering through our yard every day now. She munches on grass and vegetation in the  yard and berries, and fallen apples, and fruit, and HEY stripes the leaves from the low tree branches and QUIT IT, breaks some of the lower limbs off.....gggrrrrrrrr.

When we come out to chase her off she looks at us like , "What?".
Sure, they may be cute to anyone who doesn't live with them...but they are a pest just the same, just a really big one with doe eyes.

So far she hasn't found my newly relocated tomato plants (they love those)...and she doesn't appear to be pregnant. Last year a doe and her triplets hung out for awhile, eating our figs and laying on our grapes.

Not a fan.

Not to mention, where there are deer, there are deer ticks.

I don't want to go through that again

They look cute and cuddly until someone gets sick....

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Right, Not Right

Last week during Bible study someone mentioned the quote:
"I am not so important that I have to have my way".
(No one was positive who said it, perhaps Joyce Meyers)

You know what? I needed to hear that.

Why do I get upset? Why do certain circumstances bother me more than others?
Why does offense creep in sometimes?

Because I think it should be that way I think it should be...

This seems basic, but it was revolutionary. Want a truly humble spirit?
It's not turning away a compliment , and it's not always hiding behind the scenes or not willing to be honored or being recognized...

It's giving up the right to be right.

SO I have been working on that all week.
One night at dinner I was mulling something over in my mind trying to to give up my rightness about a situation going on with someone. I tried very hard to let it go. Finally I let it out to my husband, and he helped me wade through the possible  truth of the circumstances and then how to relax about it. I am so thankful for that man, he is a gift in my life. I didn't have to fight the battle by myself, I had back up. 

I don't expect to be a pro at this immediately, I am a work in progress. I am just happy to be progressing in the right direction.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

When The Image Doesn't Match

Our brain is tricky.
The devil, trickier.

And he knows how to creep in, plant terrible weedy seeds and sneak out without fanfare or being detected.

Today I completed a competition with the company I am a consultant for. It's wonderful, and it designed to encourage people to keep going and reward those that finish. I started late, 28 pound into my weight loss journey. I lost 30 pounds during the challenge and wrote my essay about the journey and had Aaron take my photos and uploaded them to the computer for entry.

And then....had a total melt down.

I can't see the difference in the photos.

I know I am 2 fat girl sizes down (for those that don't know, fat girl sizes have a greater range in "adaptability" than smaller sizes). I know I am down 30 pounds from those photos! I KNOW it, but I can't SEE it. All I see is a blobby woman with a long way to go.

So what's really going on here?
A lie, that's what.
The enemy planted seedy lies, that sprout when I talk poorly about myself, and block the truth.A big one for me is regarding failing.
It really is that simple.
I sent those photos anyway. I still wanted a chance at the random drawing to win a cruise.
A funny thing happened when I sent them, I could see more clearly that yes in fact various parts of me are smaller. I am not all svelt and trim, yet, but I am smaller. If his plan was to deter me from finishing something, confirming the lie I fight that I am a failure, well, it didn't work this time.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Little Bragging

My husband is within 10 pounds of his goal weight. This is amazing, especially when a doctor once told him what he should weigh, we both laughed. Now we're laughing in a new way, like "WOW!". He doesn't remember being this trim. To take the current photos we had trouble finding a good shirt. Each one he tried I'd say, "It's just so baggy!". Finally I grabbed one of our sons shirts....and it fit!

Through prayer, determination, and the use of  fabulous products, my husband's health has vastly improved.

 I am so very proud of him!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

6 On Saturday...

Six things that happened this week.

1.My daughter A came to visit, that was a nice treat.
2.My daughter J came and took her brother for swimming and fun and a sleep over, that was very cool!
3.I cashed in my pamper party at Origins and tried to give a few friends a lovely afternoon away from stress and normalcy.
4. Lost 4 pounds, hitting a number I haven't seen since before my son was born. A few more pounds and I will be at wedding weight...and yes, I will be putting on that dress.
5.  Had wonderful time of worship and learning during our new Bible study.
6. Started canning. Plums and cherries, apricots are ripening as I sit here and type this...they're next.

How was your week?

Friday, June 15, 2012

There Comes A Time...

There comes a time in everyone's life when you just have to look at the calendar and say ...THERE, THOSE DATES...THAT'S WHEN WE ARE GOING TO GO VISIT PEOPLE WE DEARLY MISS.

And then you tell your kid you are going to Barstow when he starts paying attention to your conversation with your husband regarding such a trip, like my friend Lori did,,,however, my kid is 11 1/2, not 5 1/ it didn't work long. When he (once again listening to my phone conversation) figured it out he did a happy dance and cheered...and then a few minutes later asked me,
"So why weren't you going to tell me?"
"Because surprises are fun, plus we still aren't sure we can go."
"When were you going to tell me?"
"Probably that morning in the car, or when you started recognizing places"

long pause

"I kinda wish I didn't know now..."

And there you have it.
Good news is wonderful, anticipation is fun but torturing, but surprises are better. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's That Time Again!

The plums and cherries are ripe! Bring on the plum sauce! Commence with the cherry jam!
(And don't forget to blog!)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

6 on Saturday...

Been a weird week, I am using my friend Tiffany's idea of "5 on Friday" ...
So 6 things that happened in our world this week:

1. Moved my daughter up to Chico, where she will now start a different phase of life, and attend Chico State to finish her degrees in 3D animation and art history.

2. Had some important break throughs with God about what is truly important, and what I should be doing with my time.

3. Had major attacks from the enemy because I started making changes from #2.

4. Won a pamper party for me and a few friends at Origins.

5. Considered changing some of my hair to pink. Went with red instead...less damage.

6. Spencer grew. As did my veggie plants.

And there you have it.
How was your week?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kick in the Teeth

As discussed yesterday there was a goal I was striving for. A few days ago I had a tough day with my business and I told my mentor I felt like I had been kicked in the teeth. I got over it, as yesterday's post said.

Today I received a letter from my Compassion International child that we sponsor.
NOW I truly feel kicked in the teeth.
She told me of normal things in her life, normal things to her. Like her father moving back into the house with a 2nd wife in tow. She spoke of celebrating Easter at a friend's house that is a Christian because her entire family is of another religion. She asked for prayer for their crops to grow so her mother could sell them this year, it is imperative that the this happens for their survival.

And the main kicker. The little sibling standing next to her in the photo on our fridge  has passed away.

My life is so easy.

Please consider sponsoring a child through Compassion International

She wants to be a teacher when she grows up. I want her to get to grow up, AND be a teacher...

This is just my story, Compassion International did not ask me to write this, and is in no way compensating me.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Equal Time

One of the best things I ever learned at a woman's retreat was the practice :
Pray about something MORE than you talk about it.

It's wise premise, and amazingly better for everyone involved. Instead or rehashing something over and over, you simply turn it over to God instead.

Now, I am building a business, and I have a very specific and time sensitive goal I am trying to achieve. It would mean a financial bonus and extra earnings for my family. It would come at a very important time to have a little financial boost. It may even help us fix the A/C in our one working car...and here comes summer....fel the pressure, see the importance?

The problem is, the more I tried, the more things fell apart. The more I strived the farther away the goal got!
I was so frustrated, and I called out to God, "You know we need this financial help, don't you want me to succeed?"

He answered...
"Give me the same amount of time that you are giving this"
 I answered, "Okay"...with slight hesitation.
To be so lavish with my time to God would take so much time away from the business, which I have been coached to do X amount of work to make this goal happen.
 But I said "Okay", just the same.

God gave me another project to work on, one for Him. I will talk about it when it's near completion, but it isn't about being done, it's about the journey. My journey with Him.

So I gave Him my time today, and I snuggled up, and I took steps on that journey, and guess business grew in the mean time. I am farther towards my goal, and it wasn't from me striving. It was because of God's goodness and love.

Thank you Father for such a blessing as this.

Even if I don't make the goal in time, I know He has us covered. I know He will provide. All will be taken care of.