Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Whole New World

You're singing the song now, right?
If you answered with, "What song", then you aren't ever around kids or Disney. Just sayin'...

A year ago a friend asked if I wanted to join any runs with her. I told her she was crazy. I did, flat out. I believe I also said, "I don't run". I have always had terrible shin split pain, and man does that hurt! I am the kid that would do anything to get out of PE running! I loved to swim, but no running. SO, then one day, when I was starting my journey into my Isagenix body transformation, my daughter asked me to join her into some crazy race where you kayak and run and bike and climb mountains and do something with mud I am sure and whatever...I said "NO"...but told her to call my friend Susie. She did. And that's when something changed.
Susie invited us to participate in the Rock N River Run in Reno. I, for some reason said , "Okay".

And that was that.

Originally I said I would do a half marathon. But my training got waylaid as I sat around in hospitals for 3 plus weeks with my dad. And that's okay. I downgraded to a 10K. A perfect start into something new.

And I trained. And I used my products, and something changed inside. I started to love working out. I wanted it, felt weird when I couldn't.

Who is this?

SO the day finally happened. We ran.
Well...I walked really fast and slogged occasionally. The altitude got me a bit, even though I did things to help with that. The course was ever so slightly uphill for the first half, I had not trained for incline (something I will remedy)and worse...it was really cold that morning. As we were half way through the first mile I realized something was wrong. The super cold air was basically causing exercise induced asthma like symptoms. Each breath I inhaled burned and my lungs would tighten. It slowed down my pace. My daughter was very kind and stuck with me.  It hurt...but I was determined. I would evaluate with each step..."Am I getting enough air? Do you feel light headed? Are your lips tingling?" If I had the right answers I would take another step. I tried to not slow down too much. When we hit the first mile marker and checked the time we were slightly slow, but not much. This brightened my attitude. The second mile hurt as well, but not as much as the air warmed up and we were in the morning sunshine now. Our 2nd mile was faster. We kept up this pace until the last mile. When I tried to jog more. I would feel the burning in my lings and throat, and the heaviness of each breath...but when I would slow to walk people kept cheering, so I would start jogging again. The last 1/2 mile was surreal. Strangers cheering me on.

I finished the race 3 minutes faster than I thought ever possible.(8 minutes faster than what I thought I might be able to do). We had to use the restroom in the middle as well, so my time would have been even better! (but there was no waiting, lol)

I am determined to do the 1/2 marathon next year. I learned a lot this year, and will not make the same mistakes twice.

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Tiffany/MyCrowdedKitchen said...

Totally singing the song lol. Wow! you look A-maz-ing!