Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nothing Left

When we were handed our numbers for the race it was required that we write an emergency contact number on the back, just in case. At least one emergency contact person received a call Sunday morning...

After my daughter and I finished our 10k we found our cheering section and waited for our friend to finish her 1/2 marathon and cheered her in.  Then we stood near the finish to wait for some of her running buddies.

And then it happened.
A woman, younger than me from what we could tell, collapsed just feet from the finish. We didn't see her go down due to the crowd, but we watched a woman jump over the barriers to try and help her. When we realized what was gong on I peeked down the clearing to her.

She was gray.
And I don't mean she looked pale.
I mean gray.

The EMT's or Paramedics were running up to her and checking her just as I was looking over...and then they immediately started CPR. Her heart had stopped.

It was very disconcerting. It was very disturbing.
It was scary.

I started praying for her.
I had no other means of helping her...but yet, all the power of a loving Father at the same time.

They cleared the path, and the MC started telling people to clear an area to let those guys do their job properly.
We tried to turn our attention elsewhere....but no matter who we cheered in, or what we spoke of, that woman's life was on our minds.

Thankfully, some time later, the MC announced that she was going to recover.

We discussed the possibilities, perhaps she had an unknown heart condition.
Perhaps she didn't replenish properly as she ran, thereby using up all the fuel her body had to give. The heart, being a muscle, can't pump if you've exhausted everything. Perhaps she didn't drink enough water and Gatorade.

We may never know.
So very thankful to know she survived however.

The image of her laying there, with the EMT's trying to revive her will always impact me. It will also warn me to be careful, train properly and learn all I need to know to avoid such danger. She may have done everything right, and still something went wrong.

While I want to live my life fully, give everything back to God, giving until there is nothing left, I do not want to give to that level for a sport, or fun, or something with an earthly goal.
 I suppose it's all in the motivation.I know I will be checking mine.

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