Monday, May 14, 2012

Intentions and Failure

As I drive up to our home I try very hard to ignore the rose bushes that never were cut back this year. I try very hard to not look longingly into the garden area that became over run with weeds instead of being tilled (although truth be told we can't plant before Mother's day typically anyway.) I  know it will get done, eventually. I know the roses being ignored was a side affect of my father's illness, along with the lack of pruning the fruit trees. They will survive.

There are expectations put on us by others. We are "supposed to this and that by this time". But life doesn't always line up, and then these other people make it known to us that they are unhappy with us.

Sometimes I just have to shrug it off. I could argue, I could tell them it was our best intentions to get it done. I hate saying anything that sounds like an excuse. Reasons, sure, but excuses? No. But sometimes God has a different plan. Sometimes we fail too. It is never my intention to fail, ever. Failing is scary to me, something I am working on. I need to not fear it, so that it doesn't destroy me.

Have you seen Disney's  "Meet  The Robinsons"? There is a whole song in that movie about the attributes and wonder of failure. We don't own that movie, but we need too. I have been trying to rent it, but we have limited choices.
I need to learn that song! KEEP MOVING FORWARD they sing....KEEP MOVING FORWARD....they tell each other. They cheer the failures because they know it will lead to success...

Failure will lead to success.
Unless you give up in a heap of broken perfectionism and stop trying.

Instead of simply fixing my current garden I should really move the whole thing to a different spot in the yard. This would take GREAT EFFORT and machinery, and lots of help, and probably money too. I can not do it alone nor financially currently. So it hasn't been done, yet.

I look forward to when it will happen, I have every intention of it happening someday.
Is it failure that it hasn't happened yet? No. It's time just hasn't arrived yet.

This post went an entirely new direction. But this needed to be said just the same, to me if to no one else.

Keep moving forward.

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