Tuesday, May 1, 2012


If you've read this blog for any length of time you know that my husband and I have made some changes around here. In January we started a journey to get healthy. We are using Isagenix, and because of that we want to be physically active....WANT TO. How weird is that? Well maybe for some of you that's the norm. It isn't for me. This is the kid that would do anything to get out of PE. Especially running, ugh. I was a swimmer, I liked to ride my bike and roller skate...and dance classes were fun. I wasn't a total sloth, but sweating, outside, and running for no reason? Yuck.

I am doing my first ever 10K on Sunday.  And I am looking forward to it. (Weird)

This morning I stepped on the scale....FIFTY, FIVE-OH, 50, pounds are gone for good.

My  husband's labs came back and he saw his doctor yesterday. His blood work is now so good that he has been taken off a couple medicines, and the other one is reduced. His doctor is proud of him, as am I.

Big Thankfulness!
1. 50 pounds gone for good.
2. A new love of exercise.
3. Good labs! Less Meds!
4. First 10k
5. Baby Charlie doing better!!
6. A special visit with Bethany and baby Charlie
7. Another special visit with Susie!
8. Girl time, including pedis...after the 10K!
9. Encouragement! It goes a long way.
10. God's grace on my life.

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