Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Today, in less than an hour, my son is officially an 8th grader.

I stand proud at how well he does in his schoolwork, and a bit shocked at what he and his friends consider fun and entertaining.

I turn to my husband with a look of terror on my face, and he assures me it is normal.

Since I am female, and always have been, as well as only raising girls before this (although, not very girly girls) well, I need that reassurance, because sometimes I just don't get it.

My son needs me, and to know he is loved, and that we are proud of him.
He also needs space to be weird.
Well, maybe not weird, to be a normal boy.

I am learning.

As he matures I have to let go more and more.

I find this both difficult and easy.
Anyone else have this trouble?
I want him to be responsible and mature, but he isn't fully ready, and I still want him to trust us and listen to our advise...because, as I always tell him, our words are for his good, never to harm, to give guidance and help him. I don't think he always believes this.

Sound familiar?

Nothing like having children to reflect your relationship with God.

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