Thursday, April 5, 2012

Take a Moment Thursday

I am taking a moment today, to thank God for my many blessings.
I am taking a moment today, to thank Him for the trials that help me grow as well.

I am taking a moment to thank my husband, and hold him tight...
To hug my son and tell him I am proud of him.
To text my daughters and tell them I am proud of them too.
To remember those that have fought for our freedom, and send encouragement to their families left behind.
To look around and deep clean one area in my house, even though we did some major overhauling yesterday.
To stop, take a breath, and be still, and know that He is God, He loves me, and everything will work out for my good.
To thank my mentor for working so hard to train me and help me start my business.
To dream about the future, and dream big.

I will of course cook food, and wash dishes and study God's word, and work out. But sometimes it's in the little moments where you find peace and reassurance.

Take a moment.

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