Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Little Spark Will Go A Long Way

We are currently a one car family. Not by choice, not that we couldn't survive this way most of the time actually. But we do end up needing to be in two different places sometimes. It can get complicated.

However, when your one still running car starts acting up, well, it causes a little concern.
Because of the symptoms at first we thought it may be the transmission. A scary thought. Then suddenly the symptoms changed, or morphed. I could tell it wasn't the transmission slipping, perhaps a blockage in the fuel line? The fuel pump? I wasn't sure. Enter our good friend Dave W. Mechanic. He checked it out, and lo and behold, we needed new spark plugs. They weren't firing correctly and therefore resulted in the symptoms we were experiencing. I am so very thankful to know someone that can help us out with stuff like this.

This is sometimes a tough world to live in, specifically if you don't have a lot money. We are so advanced technologically, we need specialists for every area now, and they all cost money. I am ever so thankful for friends with skills that are generous, and we pay it back or forward as well. I think it is truly the only way many of us survive.

Consider what you have to offer...and for some of you  it may be money.  How can you change someone elses day, or week, or even life? What can you assist with? I am not talking about giving away all your services, or even totally free. Perhaps just a discount. Perhaps some yard work for someone elderly. Or bringing meals to someone that is ill, especially if they live alone. Community.

We have built fences, and communicate through little black boxes instead of talking and meeting our community around us. If we had done that our car wouldn't be fixed.  Our trees wouldn't be trimmed. Music wouldn't be at some events for really good causes...

I just feel like maybe, if a few more people were to reach out a little bit more, we could revive community for what it really means. Helping each other survive.

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Anonymous said...

I would love to be able to know who lives on our street. Get to know the nieghbors who are like minded and learn our gifts. So that when something happens we know who to go to or who they could come to for help.

I miss sitting at the picnic table having tuna sandwiches and cool-aide my Mom made us kids. (don't ask why that thought came to me) Maybe I wish that was happening with some of the women while sharing our canning adventures. Or how to hang clothing on the line without pins leaving marks.