Monday, April 30, 2012

A Little Help

There was a project in my home, and it really just needed to get done, yet it sat there, hounding me, always taunting me with it's unfinishedness. It's not that the job was so overwhelming or huge, it was just one of those things that would require attention for a time, during which you couldn't really deviate. It needed to be started and finished which, in our world, always seems impossible.

Enter a friend.

Sometimes we need someone to come beside us and just get it done.
In my home there is nothing else for my friend to do except the task at hand. She doesn't have to answer the phone, or tend to my children, or look something up on the computer, or cook or anything else. She can focus on the task and get it done. And that's exactly what Renee did for me. She came, she saw, she worked, and she got it done. And I  am so amazingly blessed to look over there and see it done! It is a load off my mind, a free space. I feel lighter, and released from it.

it didn't cost me money. We made a trade of services.
So worth it, both of us.

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