Thursday, March 8, 2012

There's No Place Like Home

I made it back!
After scrambling ever so briefly to get my suitcase 7 pounds lighter I was off. My husband met me, after being forced to circle around even though I could see him...I know it's for everyone's safety, but sometimes it's really frustrating! I could see my bag and I could see him...and he was sent away before I could grab the bag and come out the door. But that's okay.
He helped me get the suitcases in the car and then held me and kissed me and it's like a steam release button went off right then, all sorts of stress and pressure just released from me. I felt relieved, I felt whole, I felt happy. We left before we were down hugging because of airport rules...and I almost cried in the car. Just being with Aaron and holding his hand. He also brought me flowers. What a sweetheart. We had dinner out before heading back to the house so we could just talk and be with each other a little longer.

My son grew about an inch while I was gone. He looks huge. His voice is lower too. Not the big voice change, just lower.

My daughter is moving out this weekend. She and one of her friends found an apartment to rent. She also looks fabulous.

I haven't seen my other daughter yet. :( Work and school have made it impossible. I am still missing her. I suppose it's something to get used to. Since they are adults now.

Both of my daughters were very helpful while I was gone. It's so nice to hear good things about your family. It's nice to know they will step up and sacrifice to help out.

I am back into the swing out things, trying to pay bills and tie up loose ends. Cleaning out my closet of what's too big, and Spencer's closet of what's too small.

I am thankful to be home.

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Missy Shell said...

I'm happy for you that you're home, but I'm sad that you're not here anymore.